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Movie Fest

As Suzanne and the kids have been in Dallas since the cruising visiting with her family, I have had an opportunity to watch a lot of old classic movies. Well, maybe not really classics, but old movie that I really like. Last night was a bit different as I rented a couple of movies that […]

Wild Night of Wild Fires

Yesterday evening and last night was rather interesting around here – weather wise that is. We should be 2 – 4 weeks away from the onset of our monsoon season. I even heard one report saying it was going to be late this year. Last night, it didn’t look like it was going to be […]

Alaskan Cruise – Roundup

If you have been reading Mr Papa’s World the last week or so, then you have read my daily blog our my family reunion cruise to Alaska on board the Celebrity Mercury. Today, I thought I would just provide some wrap-up comments about the cruise. Alaska This was our second cruise to Alaska. The last […]

Alaska Cruise Day 8 – Back in Vancouver

Today was day 8 and the final day of our Alaskan cruise. The Celebrity Mercury docked back in Vancouver this morning about 7:00 am to conclude our wonderful Alaskan cruise family reunion. After a quick breakfast in our cabin, we headed to our disembarkation station. We were scheduled for an 8:45 am disembarkation. We arrived […]

Alaskan Cruise Day 7 – At Sea

Today is the final day of the cruise. Luckily, it is a day at sea. As I have mentioned before, it is our favorite part of cruising. We enjoy the ports, but we really enjoy just being at sea, relaxing on the ship. We once again were cruising the Inside Passage back to Vancouver. I […]

Alaska Cruise Day 6 – Ketchikan

Today, our port of call would be Ketchikan. It’s considered the first city of Alaska since its the first sign of civilization as you head North into Alaska from its Southern most tip. Our scheduled arrival time was 1:00 pm. I think we were originally scheduled to dock in Ketchikan, but the port was overcrowded, […]

Alaskan Cruise Day 5 – Hubbard Glacier

Today, the itinerary of our Alaskan cruise onboard the Celebrity Mercury called for us to cruise Glacier Bay and visit the Hubbard Glacier. On our last cruise to Alaska, this was a highlight for us. While Suzanne and the kids slept in late, I arose for an early breakfast at 7:30 with my mother, aunt […]

Alaska Cruise Day 4 – Skagway

Today, day 4 of our Alaska cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury, we arrived into Skagway, Alaska at about 7:00 am. When we stepped out onto our balcony, we were greeted with a very cold, stiff wind – Alaska at it’s best. We had a shore excursion planned for Skagway. Our entire party had booked […]

Alaskan Cruise Day 3 – Whales and Juneau

Yesterday was day 3 of our Alaskan cruise onboard the Celebrity Mercury. The cruise continues to be an excellent time. The Celebrity Mercury and crew continue to provide us with exemplary service and a good time. We are constantly reminded of why we choose Celebrity when we can. One thing that has been odd for […]

Alaskan Cruise Day 2 – A Day At Sea

Yesterday was day 2 of our Alaskan cruise onboard the Celebrity Mercury. Days at sea tend to be our favorite days of a cruise. They are peaceful, relaxing and regenerative. Yesterday was no different. We began the day with a leisurely breakfast at 7:30 am. We met my mother, my aunt and my sister (Barb) […]