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Weekly Lifestream 2010-03-28

its a cooking weekend! made some good Italian style Arribiata tonight. Cant beat Dececco pasta! # wow, where did the week go? head buried in the new job and the week is gone already. actually, quite nice… # RT @michaeltorbert 20 Ways ObamaCare will Take Away Our Freedoms # Sad day as US House […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-03-21

ah, nice quiet Sat. time to hack out some code! # long day at work. my VP boss talked me into signing up for a new job. good thing its promotion and raise time! # Still jealous of kids home for spring break. I need to learn to take more pto early in the year. […]

MathCounts Competition

This weekend, Sean was able to compete in the Arizona state MathCounts competition. He earned the right to compete by finishing 2nd in the regional competition. Mathlete is what they call the kids who compete. Lol, not sure how accurate that moniker is but its cute. After registration, they kicked all the coaches (yes, mathletes […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-03-14

Sean didnt finish in top ten at AZ state Math Counts comp. Be day or two before we know his final spot. Some of those kids are machines! # AZ state Math Counts competition winding down.just have to wait around and see if Sean finished in top 10 four countdown round. # Tomorrow is the […]

Broadway & Beyond Fundraiser a Success

Steve, Sean, Savannah, Pianist Rick Stahl, church volunteers, and The Alma Dolores Dancers did a great job this weekend to help me put on a variety show that was a huge success in helping us raise money for our parish building fund. Overall the show went pretty smoothly with Steve running the sound system, parish […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-03-07

Setting up for the church benefit tonight. Just call me the tech guy. # damn! made 3 cheesecakes last night for church benefit tonight and left them on the counter overnight! they are ruined now! argh! #fail # wow, what a busy day in the NFL. Tenders and cutst all over the place. Should be […]

Suzanne “Putting on a Show” to raise money for church building foundation

This weekend, Suzanne has put together a fund raising variety show for our parish building foundation. Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission church received a donation of land a few years ago, and since that time our parish has put together various fund raisers to support our future building efforts. Tomorrow, Suzanne will be […]