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Introducing Sandy, Our New Labrador Puppy

After much convincing by our daughter, Mr. Papa agreed to get an adorable female yellow Lab named Sandy. A local family had the litter of 8 boys and 1 girl, and Mr. Papa said we could get one if the girl wasn’t already taken. We were the first to ask specifically for the girl so […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-30

Empire enters the playoffs the 11th ranked team in the State. Shouldn't have complained about drive yesterday. Next weeks game 7 hours away! # Final score 63-0. Playoffs next week. # 43-0 at the half, Empire up. Sean playing at offensive guard now. Hope he gets some defense time too. # 36-0 ay end of […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-23

@CenturyLinkHelp okay in reply to CenturyLinkHelp # Like clockwork #centurylink internet down again. Hopefully not standard couple times a month down for 12+ hours. Wish I had another option!! # Final score 29-6. Improve to 6-2 on the year. Good game. # 22-0 at the half. Good start for Empire. # Sean football game tonight. […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-16

Final score 28-14 Empire wins. Far.from a gem but a win is a win. Mobe to 5-2 on the year. Couple nice sacks for Sean. # Sean football game tonight. Not looking too sharp tonight but up 14-0 at half. Opponent is Tombstone which is one division down from us. # whew. back from 3 […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-09

If physical appearances count for anything, easy to see why Sabino is one of best teams in Tucson. They are a division higher than us. # At empire varsity football game. OMG I thought the JV team last night was big. These guys are huge. Couple have to be 6' 7" and chiseled. # Final […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-10-02

oh. and Go Lions on Sunday! # wow. this Cowboy coach is smoking something good! # @Tireguy nah. long week at work. the wine is open tonight though… ;-] in reply to Tireguy # just kicking back enjoying a relaxing night.. think a movie is in order tonight… but which one? # Empire JV […]