Another Klasen Family Tree Update

Tonight, I have made another major update to the Klasen Family Tree. This was a pretty easy update to make, but it significantly increased the size of the tree once again.

I concentrated on an area that I hadnt touched before – The Brunks. My sister Kelly is married to Timothy John Brunk and I had zero, zilch, nada on his family. I thought it important that her kids be able to see the family history on both sides. So, I dug in and found a wealth of info on the Brunk lineage.

I was able to trace Tim’s history all the way back to Johann Wehage in the 1650’s. Johan would have been Tim’s great great great great great great grandfather. Obviously, he wasnt a Brunk, but Tim’s grandfather married a Wehage. The majority of this find is related to the Wehage lineage.

After this update, the top 20 surnames in the Klasen Family Tree looks like this:

[125] Wehage
[57] Gartner
[36] Komray
[32] Kott
[27] Maskelis
[25] Bittman
[24] Thompson
[24] Traun
[19] Jurgens
[18] Pompu
[18] Brunk
[17] Pomedli
[16] Pechuls
[15] Mitternight
[14] Welle
[13] Burkett
[12] Cummings
[12] Scholz
[11] Karvelis
[11] Korkus

The surnames of Wehage and Gartner (amongst others) are new with this update and are now dominating the surname list. The surname Brunk has now made the top 20.

The Klasen surname is far down the list, but I hope to break into the top 20 soon. I have uncovered lots of good leads and am one short fact away from expanding my family history significantly. My grandfather Fred Klasen has always been as far back as I could go. I believe I have located his father Nicholas W Klasen. The dates appear correct, the locations appear correct and a sisters name (Mary Klasen) appears correct. I would like one more piece of info so that I can definitively tie them together.

If Nicholas W Klasen is really who I think he is, then I will be able to trace my Klasen family heritage all the way back to Germany and will have a whole set of new leads to pursue.

On a bit of a side note, I am now using Family Tree Maker for my genealogy work and then uploding to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy site. Everyone can still see the latest family tree on that site using the phpgedview application.

Back to the hunt…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Great detective work!


  2. Wow! Good job. Did you e-mail Tim to see if he can help?

  3. I did… I discovered this info myself though… I have asked him and Kelly to fill in the blanks and some of the dates…

    Mr Papa

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