Family Boardgame Night

Tonight was another family boardgaming night here at Mr Papa’s World. We had some serious fun playing Apples to Apples tonight. If you have never played this game, its great for a night of good, clean family fun. The game of Apples to Apples is played with two decks of specialized cards. Both the red […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All! Thus far, it has been a wonderful Christmas for the Klasens, albeit an early one.  We have this little family tradition where the kids cant see the Christmas tree in the morning until Mr Papa goes out and checks to see if Santa managed to find our house this year.  Since […]

Trip to Cloudcroft, NM

I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts about our upcoming trip to Cloudcroft, NM. We will be staying in a cabin up in the mountains there for about four days between Christmas and New Years. I actually prefer to be home at that time, but this should be fun as we will be […]

Risk: The Clone Wars and NutriSystem Update

We recently had picked up another boardgame that we gave our first spin to this weekend. The game was Risk: The Clone Wars. Its another in the modification series of the long living, popular Risk boardgame. I grew up as a kid many years ago playing Risk. I have very fond memories of many Summer […]

NFL Gridiron Trivia Boardgame

For Sean’s birthday, we got him a bunch of boardgames. He loves to play them as does the whole family. One of the games that we had purchased, but it hadnt released yet, was NFL Gridiron Trivia (cost $30). The game finally released last week and arrived at our house. We sat down to play […]