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Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-28

Back at Showstopper for another day of competition. Luckily only about 5 hours today. Then the drive home. # And that's all folks. So ends another Showstopper dance competition. Finally time to pack up and head home with lots of trophies and medals # WTF NBC… you broadcast Olympics hockey Russia vs Czech in HD, […]

Showstopper Photos Uploaded

We uploaded the photos from last weekend’s Showstopper Competition. We are very proud of all the dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center for doing so well.

Showstopper Regional Results 2010

Last weekend was our annual trip to Phoenix for the Showstopper Dance competition with the other dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center. Savannah reached a big goal by winning her first ever Platinum Trophy for her Mexican Folkloric dance to “Tilingo, Lingo”. She looked very beautiful in her long white dress and flowered […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-21

Another one of those 'fake' holidays. Can't be a real holiday when I am at work, right? # Good luck to Sean today at county spelling bee! Trying for the double – qualify for State in both Math and Spelling. Math already done. # Sean has to settle for 1 out 2. qualified for state […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-14

watching now… astronauts boarding Endeavour for last night time launch of space shuttle # three hours til launch though… something tells me I wont make it… interesting pre-flight stuff though…. # Faded last night and didnt make if up for the space shuttle launch. god thing as they scrubbed until Monday morning. # Not […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-02-07

Very nice visit with Suzanne's Aunts and Uncles this weekend. Good People! # Lol… pretty funny… next Twitter? # oh oh… looks like major, lengthy business trip coming up in near future… # Oh drat. Business trip postponed. Again. # Might stay up late! last night one RT @BreakingNews: NASA begins fueling space shuttle […]

Sean and Savannah Qualify for Math Counts Competition

A couple of days ago the kids middle school held a math competition for the students to see which students would get to go to the regional Math Counts competition. Sean competed last year and placed fourth in the region if my memory serves me right. This was Savannah’s first attempt at the Math Counts […]

Showstopper Time

It’s almost time for our annual jaunt up to Phoenix for the Showstopper Regional Dance Competition. Suzanne and Savannah have been doing this competition for years. Savannah usually dances a bunch of numbers with her various dance classes and then throws in a solo or two. Suzanne usually does similar but a few less. This […]