Family History

Its getting to be time to get back to doing some research on family history. I havent touched it in about 6 months, but am going to soon. I dont know much about my family’s history and would like to learn more. Unfortunately, most of my family doesnt know much about the history either. That […]

Compare Your Face To Celebrities

Ran across a neat little application the other day on the internet. A genealogy site has an online face recognition application that then compares your face to a celebrity database. It then tells you which celebrities that you most look like. It’s a fun little application. The site is: My Heritage Face Recognition You will […]

Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Site Update

I have upated and cleaned up the Klasen Family History on my genealogy pages. I am not sure I really updated a whole lot of information, but I upgraded the genealogy software to a newer version which presents a bit more information and its easier to navigate. Some incorrect info was removed and a few […]

Website Update

I think the major construction on the website is complete. I doubt I ever will be done tweaking it, but it appears to be pretty stable right now. The main driver in the website is WordPress. The photo gallery capability is provided by Menalto Gallery. The genealogy application is provided by PHPGedView. The theme/appearance of […]

Mr Papa’s Family History Online

The Mr Papa’s World Family History (Klasen) genealogy pages are now active. This is a work in progress and I hope to continually update it as new information becomes available. You can get to the Family History page via the Navbar links at the top. Please note that going to these pages will take you […]