Lazy Sunday

Today is just another lazy Sunday – I love it! Unfortunately, I did it again last night and stayed up until 2:00 am playing America’s Army. The game is just plain addictive and has cost me countless hours of lost sleep. And I suspect more in the future. Spending some time on the computer today […]

Cruise Talk Central Relaunched

Cruise Talk Central has been relaunched! This is Suzanne’s personal blog on cruise travel. She is a cruise fanatic and spends time each day chatting with others about cruising. Most of her discussions have ocurred in various forums, but now she is taking it to her own personal blog. Fellow cruisers might know her as […]

Mr Papa’s World Site Work

I had hoped to release Mr Papa’s World with a new and improved theme this past weekend, but never got it done. Mainly, it was because I have been dissatisfied with my theming work to date. I wont release another theme until I am happy. I have gone back to the drawing board twice and […]