Day 3 – Cabo San Lucas

Yesterday was our first day in port as we visited Cabo San Lucas.  It was another beautiful day with temperatures reaching about 80.  You can feel the heat rising as we head South.  Skies were once again clear and calm although the harbor where we dropped anchor was a bit choppy. We had a scheduled […]

Day 2 – At Sea

Yesterday was a wonderful day at sea on our way to Mexico aboard the Celebrity Mercury.  The days at sea are the best for me.  Most ports, I dont really care if we get off the boat or not.  We usually do, but its certainly not a priority for me.  The weather yesterday was absolutely […]

Mexico Cruise 2006 – Day 1

Day 1 of our 2006 Celebrity Mercury cruise to Mexico is in the books and it was a fun one! We boarded the Mercury in San Diego about noon.  We grabbed a quick lunch on board at the grill and plotted out our day.  The first day, Suzanne always likes to take her video camera […]

Cruising Back to Mexico

Well, its finally here! Time to go on a cruise. It’s only been a year since our last one, but it seems like a lot longer. I guess the long, arduous year at work with minimal vacation time has made it seem longer. Tomorrow morning we will be driving to San Diego for our Monday […]

Mexico Cruise and Possible Hurricane

There has been an interesting development in our upcoming cruise to Mexico on the Celebrity Mercury. There is currently a tropical storm brewing in the Pacific that is threatening the Mexican Riviera. Currently, it is called Tropical Storm Sergio. Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center. If you read through the information, they […]

Celebrity Cruise to Mexico

Looks like we have finally zeroed in on what excursions we are going to do on our upcoming cruise to Mexico this coming November on the Celebrity Mercury. On one hand, we did this same Celebrity Mercury Cruise itinerary three years ago, se we dont really want to the same things or even things that […]

Weekend Musings and NutriSystem Update

Wow! What a busy weekend. It was even a three day weekend for me as it was my Friday off week. Some of the activities though were self-inflicted. I put myself in a hole sleepwise early as I stayed up until 3:30 AM on Thursday night playing America’ Army. That game can be quite addictive […]

Family Reunion Cruise Booked

We booked our family reunion cruise to Alaska for June of 2007 today. This should be a fun family event except for the absence of sister Kelly and family from Michigan. We exepect to have a least four cabins of folks for the cruise. More are talking about going. We will be sailing on the […]

Family Reunions

Surprise Surprise! We received a call this weekend from my Mother stating that she wanted to get the whole family together here in Arizona this summer in a family reunion type atmosphere. Sweet! We had all gotten together last summer in Gulf Shores, AL and it was fantastic. The kids just loved hooking up with […]

Random Thoughts

Wow, havent had a chance to blog in a while. Been tied up with work – major review coming up in two weeks. Also, been extremely busy making some significant upgrades to the 158th AA Clan website. Its a lot of fun but getting bed at 12 or 1 AM needs to change a bit. […]