I am still awaiting the release of Texas Hold Em for the Xbox 360. It’s supposed to be any day now. There is an Xbox 360 dashboard update coming next week, so it might be tied to that release. The kids and Suzanne have been getting into Texas Hold Em too. They are anxious to […]

Xbox Live Gamercards

For those other Xbox 360 (or original version) gaming afficionados out there, I have added our Xbox Live Gamercards to the site. You can see them in the right sidebar. Unfortunately, I better get busy as Sean as almost 3x the number of gamer points as I do – argh! His currently doesnt list any […]

Xbox Live and Cards

Since receiving my Xbox 360 last December, Sean and I have enjoyed many gaming sessions on it – many lasting into the wee morning hours of Saturdays or Sundays. Since we finally got real broadband (I dont count satellite) here in the mountains of AZ in February, we have been able to enjoy Xbox Live […]

Xbox 360 Call of Duty Patch

Finally, Infinity Ward has released information on the long awaited patch for COD2 on the Xbox 360 to address some multiplayer issues. The games is really good, but at times connection issues can make the online experience very frustrating. Unfortunately, I did not see a date for the patch release. Here’s some of what we […]

New Internet Service Being Installed Sunday

Hooah! The new wireless internet service is being installed Sunday afternoon. I guess those guys dont get to watch the Super Bowl. The service wont actually go live in my rural paradise here in the mountains of Arizona until the 15th of February. Excitement is an understatment of my feelings. Shedding the satellite service and […]