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Even Better Deal on the Mercedes

Despite my previous post on how well the Mercedes Benz buying experience went, it wasnt all pleasant. A day or two before purchasing, I had sent my Brother-in-Law Tim an email asking him if he, as a Daimler Chrysler employee, could get me an employee discount on the Mercedes. I had asked the same question […]

Dilbert Winners

Recently, a magazine asked readers for their favorite examples of Dilbert Comic Strip type management quotes. You may have seen some of this plastered all of the web, but I found some of them quite funny (and disturbing) so I thought I would reprint them. Here were the winners: “As of tomorrow, employees will only […]


I am still awaiting the release of Texas Hold Em for the Xbox 360. It’s supposed to be any day now. There is an Xbox 360 dashboard update coming next week, so it might be tied to that release. The kids and Suzanne have been getting into Texas Hold Em too. They are anxious to […]

2 New Cars

Well, its been a very good Memorial Day Weekend thus far. We have been considering for some time getting a new vehicle. Heading into this weekend, we owned a 1997 Expedition (with 165K miles), a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado (with 75K miles) and a 2004 Volvo S60 (with 45K miles). Both the Expedition and Silverado were […]

Rubiks Cube Solver

Wow, this Rubiks Cube Solver is pretty neat. Especially if your like me, and struggle and take hours to solve the cube. Just enter what your cube looks like and it gives you the solution. Just might be able to learn something here…

Cruise Schedule

Oh oh… Celebrity has released their 2007 – 2008 cruise schedule overview. While its a bit early to be planning our 2008 cruise, the Australia / New Zealand cruise looks intriguing and worth further research. Or, perhaps the Honolulu to Auckland preposition cruise since we have been taking a look at Bora Bora for a […]

The Streak Ends

Well, Sean’s baseball team’s winning strike finally ended with their first defeat of the season tonight. The final score was 11 – 10. The game ended with Sean on third base and another kid on second base when the last out struck out. Sean’s team played very sloppily and deserved to lose the game though […]

Update on Drunk Celebrity Captain

Here ia a press release update on the drunk Captain of the Mercury… Celebrity Fires Captain of Mercury for Intoxication The captain of Celebrity Mercury reportedly has been stripped of command and will be fired after he failed an alcohol breath test. The unnamed captain was taken ashore in Seattle on Friday after a Coast […]

Streak Still Alive

Sean’s baseball team kept their unbeaten streak alive today with a 9 – 4 victory. It was a pretty tight game with most of the runs scored early. Sean’s team was up 6 – 4 going into the last inning, but managed to pull away. Sean had a rough day at the plate going 0 […]

Celebrity Mercury Captain Drunk

Hmmm… interesting story out of Seattle today. This Seattle Times article reports that the Captain of the Celebrity Cruises ship Mercury was arrested today for being drunk while preparing to take the ship out of Seattle. Evidently, breathalyzer tests registered twice the legal limit. This is rather interesting since we will be sailing on the […]