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Victory #6

Sean’s Little League baseball team extended their record to 6 – 0 last night with another impressive victory 8 – 2. This one was a little bit closer than some of the others, but the team hung tough and pulled out the victory. Once again, Sean was behind the plate – guess that isnt going […]

Family Reunion Cruise Booked

We booked our family reunion cruise to Alaska for June of 2007 today. This should be a fun family event except for the absence of sister Kelly and family from Michigan. We exepect to have a least four cabins of folks for the cruise. More are talking about going. We will be sailing on the […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Sean’s baseball team is now 5 – 0. They had another game this morning and once again dominated the other team. They won going away 18 – 8. Sean was the catcher again for the whole game. He had a great day at the plate going 4 – 4 including a grand slam homerun. He […]

My First Plane Wreck

What an eventful business trip this past week. This was a much better way to do the trip than the norm. Usually we go out on a Monday. It takes almost all day to get from Tucson to our destination in Florida with the plane change in Dallas and the time differences. We usually meet […]

Sean’s Team Moves to 3 – 0

I must say, I continue to be surprised by Sean’s Baseball team this year. Frankly, I wasnt expecting much and they continue to surprise me and play really well. Today, they took home a 10 – 6 victory in a close, hard fought game. It was actually a pitcher’s duel, if that can be said […]

German Engineering – Parking Garage

Since I have travelled a fair number of times to Germany on business, I have always been amazed at some of the engineering things they do over there. Space is very tight and they do a pretty good job of maximizing it. I came across these images the other day of a new parking garage […]

Sean’s Baseball Team Off to 2 – 0 Start

Wow, another game down for Sean’s team and they are 2 – 0. This from a team that hasnt won very many games the last few years. They won this one 12 – 3. Sean was again the starting catcher. Unfortuntely, I wasnt able to attend the game. It hurts when I cant make one, […]

Find the Man

This may be an old little game, but I just stumbled upon it. The object is to find the man hidden in the image below. Its a bit strange and after you find him, you will wonder why it took you so long. Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee […]

Southern or Yankee?

Here is an interesting test to see whether you are a Southern folks or a Yankee. Southern / Yankee Test The test uses an interesting word identification method to arrive at an answer. Being born and raised in Michigan I was expecting a resounding Yankee result for myself. I was surpised to see myself with […]

Shopping Day

Today is designated as a shopping day for Suzanne. She is off to Tucson to do a bunch of shopping. She will probably get a bunch of stuff we dont really neeed, but it’s our little way of protesting the that other little protest going on today. I of course will be at work. We […]