Archives for February 2007

Tax Time

It’s that time of the year again – Tax Time. I am usually pretty quick to get my taxes in as I almost always get a refund. I try to play games with my W-4 to minimize the amount of a refund, but want to play it safe so as to no have to make […]

Showstoppers Dance Competition Approaching

It’s getting to be that time of the year again when the Showstoppers Dance competitions begin. In a couple of weeks, we will be on the road again to Phoenix for the competition. This year, Suzanne, Savannah and Sean will be competing. This is the first year for Sean. He will be doing a duet […]

Site Upgrade

Tonight, I upgraded Mr Papa’s World to the latest version of WordPress, the software that drives the site. This was a fairly major release and upgrade required. I had to make sure all of the mods I have done to the site still functioned. There are still a few kinks to work out as not […]

Technorati Rankings

Mr Papa’s World and most of my other sites are all claimed as blogs over at Technorati.  For grins, I thought I would pass along my current ranking there as blogs go. Currently, Mr Papa’s World has a blog ranking of about 174,000.  I dont fully understand how they calculate that ranking, but it’s based […]

New Computer

Whew… today i got through my VP review coming out smelling pretty good…  Its been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been neglecting my websites including Mr Papa’s World. This new computer is making me happy.  Its not top of the line, but I never tend to buy so.  In the olden days, […]