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Alaskan Cruise Airfare

Our cruise to Alaska on board the Celebrity Mercury is approaching fast. The cruise is in mid June of this year. Unfortunately, we still don’t have our air arrangements for the cruise. The cruise is round trip out of Vancouver. Air travel these days is unpleasant at best. I remember the days when air travel […]

Back To Normal

It’s time to get back to more normality tomorrow. It’s been a hectic start of the year at work. It culminated in the business trip last week. The kids and Suzanne also get back to normal with a regular dance week and a full week of school. We had a nice relaxing weekend and are […]

Back Home and Sean’s Spelling Bee

I got back home from my business trip yesterday evening. It was a long, hectic, but worthwhile week. The trip was to Florida and my hotel was right on the beach, but the weather didn’t really cooperate. It was very cloudy and a bit on the chilly side and even rained one day. Still, there […]

Updates and Corrections to Showstoppers Phoenix

The Klasen family brought home 2 silver trophies, 7 gold trophies, and two first place overall age group trophies at the Showstoppers Regional Dance Competition. Sean, 10 and Savannah, 9, of Sonoita, brought down the house with the traditional Mexican dance “La Negra”. As part of the large recreational 9-12 year old folkloric group, they […]

Back From Showstopper

We are back from our weekend trip to Phoenix for the regional Showstopper Dance Competition.  It was a whirlwind, exhausting weekend but we brought back plenty of hardware.  I will try to give a quick synopsis of the weekend and hopefully, get Suzanne to make a more detailed post of the weekend.  She forgot to […]

Busy Times

I will be entering some busy times for the next week or two and may not be able to keep up my current pace of posting. Tomorrow, we head off to Phoenix for the Regional Showstoppers Dance Competition.  The kids (and Suzanne) are really excited.  It’s a weekend away from the house and they get […]

More Spam Issues

Spam continues to be a problem here at Mr Papa’s World.  I recently wrote about some of the tools I use here. In the last week or so, I have run into some serious trouble with the Bad Behavior plugin blocking good folks like me!  Prior to about a week ago, it was stopping a […]


Suzanne has taken again to putting a bunch our old stuff up for auction on Ebay.  I say old stuff because some of it is still pretty good stuff, but we just dont use it.   She has a stack of stuff to get up over the next few weeks. Recently, she has put a bunch […]

Websites and Computers

Today was an interesting day.  Most of it was spent in front of a computer, but the vast majority was not having fun.  We have always had some issues on our home LAN with our computers being able to see each other.  They were all running the same firewall software with the same settings but […]

TV Shows

Is it just me? Or is there really not much worth watching on television these days? I suspect it’s really a combination of both. I must be getting old since most of todays TV shows just dont appeal to me. Years ago, I used to watch a bunch of TV and there were quite a […]