Archives for April 2007

New Genealogy Site Live

Okay, my new genealogy site is live. Give it a try and let me know what you think. As stated before, I usually my genealogy website primarily for the display of information. This new site is based on the TNG (The Next Generation) genealogy software. It seems to have a much nicer user interface and […]

Genealogy Site Update

I have been hard at work this weekend preparing a new genealogy site. To me, the current site had gotten old and out dated. The appearance was very dated and ease of use for non-technical folks was sometimes questioned. I had hoped to announce the site tonight, but I am still struggling with auto directing […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

Tonight, we gave the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happiness a run. It’s a feel good story about a man of vision who is down and out on his luck. His sales job isn’t working and his wife leaves him. Yet, he is determined to provide for his son. The movie finds him living […]

Sean’s Team Wins Again

Sean’s baseball team is now 3 – 0. They won their game Thursday night by a score of 17 – 6. They pretty much had their way with the opponent. Sean was the catcher once again. Like last game, he game out near the end to give the other catcher some work. After the pitcher […]

More Heart Tests

Well, the good news came back today… My heart is completely healthy… As detailed in previous posts, there is some heart disease that runs in my family. Both my Grandfather and Father passed away from heart attacks. My Dad was only 47. As I am not too far away from that at 43, I am […]

Our Mercury Cabin With Balcony

You probably remember my recent posts about the recent Celebrity Mercury refurbishment and how our cabin we had booked for the Alaskan cruise this summer was being upgraded. Well, the Mercury has finished it’s dry dock refurbishment and is back in service. We now have a photo of the Mercury back in service complete with […]

The Guardian

We got a chance this weekend to view the movie The Guardian. As mentioned before, we don’t get to the theater very often and prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our home theater, so we are sometimes slow in watching movies. Also, we tend to watch a lot of old films that we […]

Sean’s Baseball Team Moves To 2 – 0

If it’s Spring time and Saturday, it must be time for a baseball game for Sean. However, today hardly seemed like Spring as the temperature was only in the mid 50’s with a chilly wind. It’s been in the upper 70’s or low 80’s for the past couple of weeks. Once again, Sean’s team was […]

Baseball Season Begins

Tonight, Sean’s baseball team kicked off the new season in fine fashion, winning by Mercy Rule 14 – 1. The game only went 3 innings as it was very one sided. Sean started the game at catcher and caught the first two innings. Boy, has he improved over last year. He was very effective in […]

Celebrity Mercury in Dry Dock

As mentioned before, our cruise to Alaska onboard the Celebrity Mercury is approaching. I also mentioned, quite gleefully I am sure, that Mercury would be undergoing a refurbishment prior to our cruise in which our cabin would get a balcony added to it. The time has come and Mercury is now in dry dock. Below, […]