High School Registration and Catalina Trip

Last week we got Sean registered for his High School classes. Since he completed Algebra in 8th grade, he’ll be able to take both Honors Biology and Honors Geometry. He also was interested in the Honors History because it involves more discussion in class rather than memorization of a time line. He also singed up […]

Rabbit in the Yard Creates Fun for All

We had a jack rabbit in the bushes yesterday. We didn’t want it eating the bushes or shrubbery, so we decided to have the dogs chase it away. Both dogs took off after it, but the puppy Stormy, was faster and had much more energy than out 8 year old dog. Stormy flollowed the rabbit […]

I Need to Clone Myself

Does anybody remember the 1996 Michael Keaton/Andie McDowell movie “Multiplicity” where the main character has spread himself so thin that he decides to clone himself so he can get everything done that he needs to around his house, work, and life in general. I am starting to feel that way myself. I knew that Savannah […]

Its Lottery Time

It is Lottery time at the Klasen household. No, its not the Power Ball or the Mega Millions, but rather the high school admissions lottery. There are two high schools in the neighboring district. One that is a 5A school and another that is a 3A. The 3A school was designed to be an alternative […]

How Do You Get Your Kids to Appreciate Classic Movies?

I’ve had some success and some utter failures over the last few weeks to get my kids to appreciate some classic movies. I love classic movies, but I have had the hardest time getting my own kids interested in watching older films. Sometimes the pacing is just too slow, and other times the subject matter […]

Broadway & Beyond Fundraiser a Success

Steve, Sean, Savannah, Pianist Rick Stahl, church volunteers, and The Alma Dolores Dancers did a great job this weekend to help me put on a variety show that was a huge success in helping us raise money for our parish building fund. Overall the show went pretty smoothly with Steve running the sound system, parish […]

Suzanne “Putting on a Show” to raise money for church building foundation

This weekend, Suzanne has put together a fund raising variety show for our parish building foundation. Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission church received a donation of land a few years ago, and since that time our parish has put together various fund raisers to support our future building efforts. Tomorrow, Suzanne will be […]

Showstopper Photos Uploaded

We uploaded the photos from last weekend’s Showstopper Competition. We are very proud of all the dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center for doing so well.

Showstopper Regional Results 2010

Last weekend was our annual trip to Phoenix for the Showstopper Dance competition with the other dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center. Savannah reached a big goal by winning her first ever Platinum Trophy for her Mexican Folkloric dance to “Tilingo, Lingo”. She looked very beautiful in her long white dress and flowered […]

Packing Panic

Well I had two things that threw me into a “Packing Panic” as we prepare for our trip to Rome and our Transatlantic cruise. First, I did a “try on and see what fits” with my son, and besides just a few recently purchased dress shirts and a few t-shirts, very little fit him. His […]