Random Thoughts

Wow, havent had a chance to blog in a while. Been tied up with work – major review coming up in two weeks. Also, been extremely busy making some significant upgrades to the 158th AA Clan website. Its a lot of fun but getting bed at 12 or 1 AM needs to change a bit. […]

To Flash or Not To Flash

I have been playing with ideas on improving the website I run for my America’s Army clan (158th Regimental Combat Team). It’s a simple php-nuke site, but there is getting to be so much data, especially in the blocks, that I want to clean it up and present the data nicer. One significant option is […]

Cruise Sites

Here’s a post for Suzanne and other cruise-aholics like her. She spends a fair amount of time each day browsing and posting on these sites. Personally, I dont spend anytime though I like to cruise just as much as she does. I guess I am too busy with my America’s Army 158th Clan site and […]

It Works!!!

Hooah! The new internet service is up and running. It’s working like a hose. It’s a nice, fast, clean connection. So much better than that crappy satellite service that I will keep for a month or so until I am sure the wireless stuff remains reliable. I played a little bit of America’s Army last […]

New Internet Service Being Installed Sunday

Hooah! The new wireless internet service is being installed Sunday afternoon. I guess those guys dont get to watch the Super Bowl. The service wont actually go live in my rural paradise here in the mountains of Arizona until the 15th of February. Excitement is an understatment of my feelings. Shedding the satellite service and […]

New Americas Army Release

America’s Army is preparing to release the next version (2.6) of their wonderful PC game. This is not their long anticipated Overmatch release and thus will not add in drivable vehicles (most likely will be 2.7 release). The new version will include two new missions: Border: A small, sparse border village map where defense must […]