Sean Qualifies For Math Counts Competition

Over the last couple of weeks, Sean has been taking a series of tests at his school in an attempt to qualify for the school team competing in the Math Counts County competition. The competition is open to teams with students in grades 6 – 8. Earlier this week, we received word that he had […]

Family and Vacation Update

Unfortunately, my extended holiday vacation is drawing to a close. The last day I worked was Dec 6 and I have been on vacation since. This is the longest vacation in my career that I have taken from work. I will be back in the office on Monday. My company has a “use it or […]

Why Does Vacation Just Zip By?

Wow, the time just flies by when you are on vacation. It hardly seems like its been a week so far, but it has. Luckily, I will still be on vacation for almost another three weeks. The worst part is that it seems like I have accomplished almost nothing of substance done while on vacation. […]

Busy Days Ahead

Just when one seems to be relaxing into the lovely fall weather here in Arizona, bang, we go and get busy. Sean and Savannah have only two more weeks left in the regular season of football, but this occupies a significant portion of our Saturdays and three evenings a week for Suzanne and the kids. […]

School Year Winding Down

The school year for the kids is winding down. As usual, as the year ends, there seems to be a never ending stream of events at the school. Last week was weird week for the kids. One day they dressed up as mismatched as they could. They looked pretty ridiculous, but I imagine they fit […]

Sean’s Baseball Team Still Undefeated

Yesterday, Sean’s baseball team extended their undefeated season winning their game by a score of 13 – 0 and moving their record to 8 – 0. They continue to dominate every team in the league. Thus far, their closest game was 8 runs. Sean has been catching the whole game, as his coach, like me, […]

Sean and Savannah Grades

Today was parent teachers conferences at school for Sean and Savannah. These are usually pretty easy and good events for us as we are lucky and both kids excel at school. :thumbs_up: Today was no different, as they told us Sean once again made honor roll with a 96% (A) average grade for all his […]