Archives for January 2006

Xbox 360 Update

Yesterday Microsoft released their Dashboard update. A bunch of minor fixes though it seems their servers were pretty busy since my download failed several times before I could actually get it. Internet rumors have the primary reason for the release being some security fixes to slow down the modders. Strange, but lately, I have found […]

2003 Mexico Cruise on Mercury Photos Uploaded

I am trying to upload some of the photos I had on the previous incarnation of this website. Since we are again going to be cruising to Mexico this fall, I thought it appropriate to get the photos from our last cruise to Mexico on the site. These photos are from our 2003 cruise to […]

Take Command Civil War Game Series

Heading into college, if I thought I could have made a living at it, I might have been a Civil War Historian. I was, and to a lesser extent, fascinated by that particular war. Like many, I used to play the old Avalon War type board games for hours. I played a lot of strategy […]

Celebrity Cruises Named Best Cruise Line

Once again Celebrity Cruises has dominated the annual Conde Nast Traveler Readers Survey. This was the fourth consecutive year that they swept their “The Best Cruise Ships in the World” survey. In fact, they took Best Ships #1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9 of the top ten. The complete news story can be read […]

Mother Finally Set Up

Whew… Long day on the phone with Mother today. I am trying to get her into the 21st Century on her computer setup. Doing it long distance doesnt help. She was actually very receptive and ignored my occasional impatience. She finally upgraded from AOL to a broadband connection. She hooked up with Verizon, but in […]

Savannah’s Birthday Pictures

I have uploaded Savannah’s birthday pictures to the photo gallery. Her birthday party was a Hawaiian Luau themed party since we had just visited Hawaii in November. 2006/savannah-bday/

Sean Wins Spelling Bee

Just thought I would pass along some good news about Sean. At his school today, they had the spelling bee championship and he ended up winning for the school. The competition was for grades 1 – 6. Sean is in fourth grade and won the whole thing. Now he gets to go on to the […]

FeedLounge Feed Reader

For those of you who are RSS/XML/etc feed readers, there is a new web-based feeder reader available that I have found to be incredible. I havent tried all the feed readers out there, nor am I monster feed reader, but FeedLounge is the best one I have used. The application is actually in beta testing, […]

Nintendo Revolution to Launch in US Before Thanksgiving

You’ve probably noticed that I am pretty big Xbox 360 afficienado. That doesnt make me a fanboy though. If the other two (Playstion 3 and Nintendo Revolution) put out good systems, I am liable to own all three. It was recently announced by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata that the Nintendo Revolution will launch in the […]

New Americas Army Release

America’s Army is preparing to release the next version (2.6) of their wonderful PC game. This is not their long anticipated Overmatch release and thus will not add in drivable vehicles (most likely will be 2.7 release). The new version will include two new missions: Border: A small, sparse border village map where defense must […]