Detroit Lions Putting It All Together

I am feeling a bit giddy today. Thus far, this has been a tremendous season for the Detroit Lions. With yesterdays 44 – 7 blowout of the Denver Broncos, they improved their season mark to 6 – 2. One of the best things about their emergence this year is the complete surprise they have caught […]

Busy Times With Websites (and small family update)

Wow, what a busy time… I recently launched a couple of new sites, Lords of Seis and Lions Fans Online and that took up some time. But the biggest drain over the last week has been moving my stuff to a new server. I was starting to reach the limits of my allowed bandwidth and […]

New Detroit Lions Fan Website

Yesterday, I launched my new Detroit Lions Fans website. The site is currently part blog and part forums with a bunch of other features thrown in. I plan to add many more features over time, but I wanted to get the site launched since I didn’t get started until after the start of the season […]

World of Warcraft Guild

My fun with World of Warcraft continues. I have gotten my main character up to a level 17 Shadow Priest. It’s a long ways to the top at level 70, but I am working my way there. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a new website. The new site is […]

World of Warcraft

Lately, I haven’t played much America’s Army (AA). In fact, I think I have played twice in the last six months. Most of this was due to internet issues with my provider. He panicked one day when he had some port scans going on and closed everything down. 🙄 Ports required to be open for […]

Cruise Talk Central Getting Noticed

As some of you know, Suzanne and I also run a cruise blog over at Cruise Talk Central. At that site, we blog about our cruise travels and have information available for other cruisers researching cruising. We have photos, videos and reviews of the cruises and excursions that we have done. We also list the […]

The Modern Media Reports on the WWII Normandy Invasion

Here at Mr Papa’s World, I don’t normally delve into the World of politics, but on the rare occasions that I have, it’s quite obvious that I am a Conservative. While reading a bunch of the blogs I normally review on a daily basis, I came across the following video. The Combat Report spent some […]

Trying out Twitter and Family Update

One of the recent rages on the net lately has been Twitter. Thus far, I have been able to resist getting into it, but last night, I took the plunge and signed up. My tweets are now available here at Mr Papa’s World in the right sidebar or on My Twitter Page. Feel free to […]

Cruise Talk Central Redesign

My internet connection got stable enough for me to launch the redesigned Cruise Talk Central today. My speed still sucks, but at least it held long enough for me to do the upgrade. I redesigned the site to allow for easier navigation, more straight forward grouping of information and to give Suzanne a place to […]

158th Website Relaunched

Sorry for having been mostly silent lately, but I have been hard at work relaunching my America’s Army clan site, The 158th Regimental Combat Team. Our clan has used the same basic site design for the last 18 months. It was time to do something different. I spent the last couple months coming up with […]