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Small World

Sometimes strange things happen to make you realize just how small a World this is 🙂 As posted earlier, the Klasen family cruised to Hawaii this past Thanksgiving on the Celebrity Infinity. Upon our arrival to Kauai, we snapped this picture of the NCL Pride of America leaving Nawiliwili. Shortly after posting the pictures of […]

New MP3 Player

I finally received the new MP3 player on Tuesday. If you remember, I ordered the IRiver H10. It is a really nice player and works like a champ. Unfortunately, my Rhapsody to Go is not functioning correctly. I have used Rhapsody for quite a while to listen to music at work. Due to security constraints […]

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. It’s actually a family fun day for us. The entire family watches the Super Bowl. Of course, Sean and Steve wouldnt miss it. Suzanne enjoys football so she watches it. I think Savannah watches it for the commercials. It’s also a chance for me to cook a bunch of junk food. […]

New Internet Service Being Installed Sunday

Hooah! The new wireless internet service is being installed Sunday afternoon. I guess those guys dont get to watch the Super Bowl. The service wont actually go live in my rural paradise here in the mountains of Arizona until the 15th of February. Excitement is an understatment of my feelings. Shedding the satellite service and […]

New Wireless Internet Provider

Holy Cow, it appears to finally be happening. I absolutely love living in the mountains of Arizona and wouldn’t change it for nothing, but a fact of that life is crappy internet service. My only options are satellite (Direcway) and dialup. I actually have both as I used the Direcway service (as poor and expensive […]

Finally Taken the MP3 Plunge

I consider myself a techno geek. I like to have all the new toys and am an early adopter for electronics. However, until yesterday, I had not acquired an MP3 player. I never really could explain why I didnt have one, but I just didnt. I have been a user of Rhapsody as a music […]

Halo 3 Rumors

Rumors about the still “unacknowledged” Halo 3 game from Bungie are swirling about the internet. As a long time player of both Halo and Halo 2 (yeah, my son is still better than me) on the Xbox (and now Xbox 360), I find some of these interesting as I eagerly await the games release. Below […]