Archives for February 2006

Celebrity Orders Another Ship

Celebrity Cruises has exercised its option to order a second 118,000 gross-registered-ton ship today, reaffirming its commitment to innovative products and high guest satisfaction. German shipbuilder Meyer Werft will build the new tonnage, with delivery of the first ship planned for Fall 2008 and the second ship in Summer 2009. Celebrity also announced names of […]

Xbox 360 Call of Duty Patch

Finally, Infinity Ward has released information on the long awaited patch for COD2 on the Xbox 360 to address some multiplayer issues. The games is really good, but at times connection issues can make the online experience very frustrating. Unfortunately, I did not see a date for the patch release. Here’s some of what we […]

Showstopper Pictures

I have uploaded some pictures from this past weekends Showstopper Regional Dance Competition in Phoenix, AZ. Some of the other families there are supposed to have taken some actual dance competition photos – unlike us. I hope to get a hold of some of those at a later date and add them to the album. […]

IRiver MP3 Player

Finally figured out how to get my new mp3 player working. It’s been a frustrating week or so. I initially thought it was a problem with my damn satellite connection cause I was getting other proxy errors in Rhapsody. I thought it might be interfering with the DRMA junk. I tried waiting for the new […]

Winners at ShowStopper

Wow, what a LOOOONNGGGGG weekend at ShowStopper. Left around noon on Friday and returned on Sunday evening. Most the time between was spent in an auditorium watching a bunch of dancers compete. Aaagghhhhh! It was fun when Suzanne or Savannah were actually competing, but that was about 12 mins over the whole course of the […]

It Works!!!

Hooah! The new internet service is up and running. It’s working like a hose. It’s a nice, fast, clean connection. So much better than that crappy satellite service that I will keep for a month or so until I am sure the wireless stuff remains reliable. I played a little bit of America’s Army last […]

New Internet Service – Update

Today is supposed to be go live day for my new wireless internet service here in rural AZ. Up until now, I have been stuck wth dialup for gaming and satellite for general web browsing. I am pretty stoked about this and anxious to get home from work and give her a go. In an […]

Showstoppers Weekend

This weekend is the Showstopper Dance Competition for Suzanne and Savannah’s dance studio. Savannah is taking a bunch of classes (4 or 5?) this year and Suzanne is also taking a bunch. Savannah will competing with several of her classes in the team competition and will also be competing with a solo song and dance […]

Winter Olympics

It’s Winter Olympics time again. I am having a hard time getting into it this year. I tried watching a little bit this weekend but it was a struggle. I may not watch much of the rest except when Suzanne calls me to see something. One of the main issues is NBC. I dont think […]

Sean Wins County Spelling Bee

Today, Sean competed in the Santa Cruz County Spelling-Bee Championship. You may remember a previous post where I blogged about Sean winning his school’s spelling bee and qualifying for the county competition. The spelling bee is for middle school students in grades 3rd – 8th and is an open competition (not grade specific). Once again, […]