Archives for September 2006

NutriSystem Update – Loss Continues

If it’s Monday, it must be time for another update on my efforts to lose some weight with the NutriSystem dieting program. I am happy to announce that another 2 pounds were lost last week. That brings my total loss for the program up to 18 pounds. Thus far, the NutriSystem diet continues to work […]

A Football Loss and Some Pictures

Sean’s football team had another game this weekend. They again went down to defeat by a score of 20-6. That makes them 0 – 2 on the year. I think its going to be a very long, winless year like last year. Sean gets a bit frustrated about his football team always losing, but I […]

America’s Army 2.7 Released

America’s Army has finally released the long awaited version 2.7. Unfortunately, the new version is not available in a patch and the whole game must be downloaded again. That means, a whopping download of 2.5GB. In today’s era of broadband, that is not too bad for most – maybe a few hours. Since I happen […]

Funny Image

I know this image will make two days of funny pictures in a row, but this one was really good and had me laughing and saying “how true”. This image is from a ceiling painting in a designated smoking area of a building. It’s very appropriate.

Why Dogs Bite…

If you have ever wondered why dogs bite humans, I think the images below sum it up pretty well…

NutriSystem Quick Update

I just noticed that I hadnt posted an update about my NutriSystem results for last week so I thought I would quickly put something up. Last week was a bad news – good news story. The bad news: Last week broke my string of consecutive weight loss weeks. The good news: I didnt gain any […]

Back to the Genealogy

I think I now have a pretty stable setup on the website that I run. Lots of upgrades and tweaks behind me in this latest round of changes. It’s time to get back to some family history research. It’s been a while since I have done any kind of significant research on our family history. […]

Sean’s Football Team Opens Season with a Loss

Sean’s football team had their season opener today. They went down to defeat by a score of 27 – 12. It looks like another long year for the football team. Last year, they didnt win a single game all year. They did beat one team in a scrimmage earlier this Summer, so there is hope. […]

Football Season – Hooah!

The football season is underway! College ball started a week or two ago. Last night, the NFL season kicked off with Pittsburgh dusting off Miami 28 – 17. Tomorrow, Sean opens up his football season. Man, is he excited. Football is his true passion. Not only does he absolutely love to play the game, he […]

NutriSystem Delivery

Wow, we were cutting it close – or should I say that NutriSystem was. I was all but out of food when the new shipment finally arrived last night. That is kind of strange, since we signed up for the auto-shipment. Each shipment is supposed to be four weeks and then a new shipment arrives. […]