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Elliptical Trainer Saga Continues and 300

Unfortunately, our saga with our new elliptical trainer continues. The A/C power converter arrived on Friday and Suzanne spent about 2 hours with the support folks trying to the elliptical trainer to work. When the converter was attached and the system plugged in, nothing happened. They had Suzanne switch a connector between the electronics “head” […]

Suzanne and the Kids Make the Local News for Dance Competition Results

You probably remember recent posts from me about Suzanne and the kids with their Showstopper Dance Competitions. They recently competed in the regional competition in Phoenix, AZ and brought home a nice haul of trophies and awards. This week, the local paper ran a story about their activities in the competition. You can read the […]

Elliptical Trainer Woes

Recently, I posted about our troubles getting our new elliptical trainer operational. Today, Suzanne was finally able to get a hold of their support folks to try to track down the problem. After a few minutes of talking to the support rep, their answer was “Oh, you need the A/C power adapter and that will […]

Family Update 3/26/07

It sure has gotten busy around here lately. I sure wish I had some time to take a little bit of a vacation, but alas… Sean and Savannah are on spring break vacation this week. They don’t have any big plans except to have some friends over and go visit some friends. I am also […]

My New Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote Control

In between periods of downloading apps/updates or letting installs happen while getting my computer back up, I managed to get my first set up done on the new Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control and I must say, thus far, I am impressed. In the past, I have been a Philips Pronto remote control owner and […]

Computer Issues Continued

You might remember my recent post about computer issues. Well, tonight I finally made some progress. I was able to get Windows XP reinstalled on the machine without having to wipe the hard drive. So, all of my date is intact. I make daily backups of the critical data, but there was a lot of […]

Computer Issues

Argh, computer issues have struck my relatively new computer. Something or someone has caused my machine to not allow us to log into Windows anymore. Basically, we have one account on the machine and just have it auto login to Windows without displaying the welcome screen and having to click on the single account. Sometime […]

Spending Money Again

Yesterday was another expensive day. I recently received a bonus check for my efforts last year. We paid off some bills, pumped up the kids college funds and then decided to spend something on ourselves. Suzanne has been wanting an elliptical trainer of late and been doing a bunch of research. She says she wants […]

Ricky Bobby

Okay, that’s the main character’s name from Talladega Nights, a comedy about a Nascar driver. Wil Ferrell is the star. Based on the trailers, it did not look like a movie we would enjoy – not really our style of humor. Last night, the family got together to watch this movie. The family absolutely loved […]

Nice Arizona Weather

This is a great time of year here in Arizona. The weather is just fabulous. Last week and this week, the temperatures in Tucson have been in the mid-80’s. In Sonoita, that equates to about upper 70’s. It’s very nice and comfortable. I think the winter, what we get here in Arizona, is past. The […]