NutriSystem Quick Update

I just noticed that I hadnt posted an update about my NutriSystem results for last week so I thought I would quickly put something up. Last week was a bad news – good news story. The bad news: Last week broke my string of consecutive weight loss weeks. The good news: I didnt gain any […]

NutriSystem Delivery

Wow, we were cutting it close – or should I say that NutriSystem was. I was all but out of food when the new shipment finally arrived last night. That is kind of strange, since we signed up for the auto-shipment. Each shipment is supposed to be four weeks and then a new shipment arrives. […]

NutriSystem Diet Update Week 4

Week four of the NutriSystem diet for me is in the books. I was a bit apprehensive this morning as I approached the scales. I was expecting bad news as last week was not what I would classify as a good dieting week. We had the wine tasting on Monday night where we sampled many […]

Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo Weekend

This weekend is the annual Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo. I think its the 91st annual rodeo this year. Its a long and storied rodeo and has long been a part of rural Sonoita. The rodeo began yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and runs through Labor Day Monday. The rodeo features most events for the men and women. […]

NutriSystem Diet Week 3 Update

It’s been three weeks now on the NutriSystem diet and things continue to go well. I lost another 2 lbs this week. That makes a total of 15 lbs for the first three weeks. I must say, its better than I had hoped for. So the diet is coming along pretty much the best I […]

NutriSystem Diet Week 2 Update

Week 2 is in the books for the NutriSystem Diet that I have begun. This week was just a bit harder since we had a family outing at Benihana’s Teppinyaki Restaurant to celebrate Sean’s birthday. I believe that I made very good choices for dinner but I am also sure that I ate more than […]

Not So Fun Day Off

As today is my Friday off (I get every other Friday off), I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day working off my to do list. I had lots of catch up work to do on the four computers scattered around the house. Suzanne was going to get on the riding mower and cut […]

NutriSystem Diet Week 1

Well, the first week of the NutriSystem diet is over and the results are pretty encouraging. After the first week of this new diet, I have lost 8 lbs. I have a little trouble with that number because I had my doubts about the starting point last week. It seems that the last week of […]

Website Development Work

I havent had much time to really do a post lately. I have been very busy on some of my website and php projects. Everyone thinks its strange that a 42 year old Senior Manager comes home from work and codes until he is ready to fall asleep, which is usually pretty late. I probably […]

NutriSystem Diet Day 1 – Dinner

Okay, last post for a while on the new NutriSystem diet 🙂 Dinner tonight was Pasta Fagiola with some snow peas on the side. I got to have a side salad and a whole wheat roll too. So, once again, a pretty fair amount of food. I didnt leave the table hungry and felt satisfied. […]