Genealogy Contact

I have to tell you, I really love doing this genealogy research.  I had put it on the back burner for a couple of weeks while I transitioned my websites to a new host – more to come on that after all the websites have all been moved. A couple of days ago, I received […]

Another Klasen Family Tree Update

Tonight, I have made another major update to the Klasen Family Tree. This was a pretty easy update to make, but it significantly increased the size of the tree once again. I concentrated on an area that I hadnt touched before – The Brunks. My sister Kelly is married to Timothy John Brunk and I […]

Big Klasen Family Tree Update

I have finally gotten around to updating the Klasen Family Genealogy site with some of my recent research. When I get a bit of spare time, I have been finding little tidbits of information that I have been collecting. Recently, I also made a discovery of another family tree that had a pretty good tie […]

Back to the Genealogy

I think I now have a pretty stable setup on the website that I run. Lots of upgrades and tweaks behind me in this latest round of changes. It’s time to get back to some family history research. It’s been a while since I have done any kind of significant research on our family history. […]

Family History

Its getting to be time to get back to doing some research on family history. I havent touched it in about 6 months, but am going to soon. I dont know much about my family’s history and would like to learn more. Unfortunately, most of my family doesnt know much about the history either. That […]

Compare Your Face To Celebrities

Ran across a neat little application the other day on the internet. A genealogy site has an online face recognition application that then compares your face to a celebrity database. It then tells you which celebrities that you most look like. It’s a fun little application. The site is: My Heritage Face Recognition You will […]

Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Site Update

I have upated and cleaned up the Klasen Family History on my genealogy pages. I am not sure I really updated a whole lot of information, but I upgraded the genealogy software to a newer version which presents a bit more information and its easier to navigate. Some incorrect info was removed and a few […]