Original Star Trek to Be Remastered for HDTV

I read in an online forum recently that Star Trek, the original series, was being remastered in HDTV. This sounded odd and strange so I did some research. Here is the press release from CBS/Paramount: The Original Series Returns To Broadcast Syndication For The First Time In 16 Years With Brand-New Digitally Remastered Episodes To […]

Comcast – Bad ISP

I sure am having struggles with Comcast of late. They are not my ISP, but I have maybe half a dozen contacts, including family, that do use the Comcast internet service. Over the period of the last six months they have intermittently blocked me from sending email to Comcast subscribers thinking I am a spammer. […]

Computer Issue Resolved

Suzanne was in Sierra Vista last night, so I had her pick me up a new NIC to see if that was indeed the issue with my PC and it’s inability to connect to the internet. When she got home last night, I popped it into the computer and fired it up. Sure enough, connection […]

Mercedes Benz Concept Car

I was surfing the net the other day looking for what the new Mercedes Benz concept cars might look like. I found a bunch of concept cars that looked “typical”, but one caught my eye. Now, I havent found anything from Mercedes Benz on this car, so I dont know how real it is, but […]

Expensive Day at the Store

I need to remember to never go shopping when I am tired. After ending the family reunion by getting everyone to the airport, we headed off to Sierra Vista to get a few things. The intention was for Sean to trade in some old Xbox games and get the new Lord of the Rings: Battle […]

Radio Reception in the Mercedes

My Mercedes Benz continues to be an excellent purchase. However, all is not perfect. The radio reception in the Mercedes tends to be very poor when I get near the Sonoita area. Now, I am a good distance from the nearest town and thus radio tower, but every previous car (4) I have owned while […]

Finally Adding Tags

I have finally given and am gonna start tagging my blog posts. It’s not so much that I have resisted doing the tagging thing, its just that I didnt really understand the benefit of doing it versus categories. I had specifically chosen a small number of categories for filing my posts under. I also didnt […]

German Engineering – Parking Garage

Since I have travelled a fair number of times to Germany on business, I have always been amazed at some of the engineering things they do over there. Space is very tight and they do a pretty good job of maximizing it. I came across these images the other day of a new parking garage […]

It Works!!!

Hooah! The new internet service is up and running. It’s working like a hose. It’s a nice, fast, clean connection. So much better than that crappy satellite service that I will keep for a month or so until I am sure the wireless stuff remains reliable. I played a little bit of America’s Army last […]

New Internet Service – Update

Today is supposed to be go live day for my new wireless internet service here in rural AZ. Up until now, I have been stuck wth dialup for gaming and satellite for general web browsing. I am pretty stoked about this and anxious to get home from work and give her a go. In an […]