Klasens Featured in the Sonoita Bulletin

The local paper, the Sonoita Weekly Bulletin, featured the Klasens in two articles this week. The first article chronicles our results at the Show Stopper Competition and the second article highlights our upcoming church benefit show. I’ve linked the articles up for our readers, however I believe that the link location is only good until […]

Move To New Server Complete

Whew, I think the move to the new server is finally complete! I had some issues moving this time. My sites continue to gobble up bandwidth and I just keep running into issues with shared hosting, so I made the plunge on over to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It took a bit more work […]

Server Move

Okay, I have moved servers again… I was getting too many cpu exceeded errors on the old host… Hopefully, they are now a thing of the past… If you are seeing this post, you have arrived at the new server.

New Poll At Mr Papa’s World

I always find it interesting to look at my traffic logs here at Mr Papa’s World and wonder where folks come from when visiting and how often they visit. So, I thought I would throw up a quick poll and see how often folks visit Mr Papa’s World. I suspect most folks come here via […]

Welcome To The New Mr Papa’s World Design

Yes, you are at the right place. This is Mr Papa’s World. The look is just different. Recently, I have tired of the look here at Mr Papa’s World. The Almost Spring theme had been in use here since June 2006. Today, I am happy to introduce the Papa Blues theme here at Mr Papa’s […]

Site Upgrades

Last night, I updated the base WordPress version that this blog runs on. I also updated many of the plugins, including the photo gallery, that I also run on this site. Hopefully, this won’t even be noticeable to my readers. One thing you will notice is the shoutbox is missing. This is due to it […]

Cruise Talk Central Redesign

My internet connection got stable enough for me to launch the redesigned Cruise Talk Central today. My speed still sucks, but at least it held long enough for me to do the upgrade. I redesigned the site to allow for easier navigation, more straight forward grouping of information and to give Suzanne a place to […]

New Genealogy Site Live

Okay, my new genealogy site is live. Give it a try and let me know what you think. As stated before, I usually my genealogy website primarily for the display of information. This new site is based on the TNG (The Next Generation) genealogy software. It seems to have a much nicer user interface and […]

158th Website Relaunched

Sorry for having been mostly silent lately, but I have been hard at work relaunching my America’s Army clan site, The 158th Regimental Combat Team. Our clan has used the same basic site design for the last 18 months. It was time to do something different. I spent the last couple months coming up with […]

Site Upgrade

Tonight, I upgraded Mr Papa’s World to the latest version of WordPress, the software that drives the site. This was a fairly major release and upgrade required. I had to make sure all of the mods I have done to the site still functioned. There are still a few kinks to work out as not […]