Thanksgiving Day Menu

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Soon, the kitchen shall be bustling as I prepare a wonderful day of food. Suzanne’s parents will be here for Thanksgiving this year, so I have to show out a bit. Below are my creations for this Thanksgiving Day celebration. For Lunch, while watching the Lions (come on […]

A Day Early Memorial Day Activities

We celebrated Memorial Day a day early today. Having to go back to work and school on Tuesday, it made more sense to have the festivities today, instead of tomorrow. Being Sunday, we started the day with Mass at the fire station. We are getting close to building our own church. We have some the […]

Savannah’s Birthday

Tomorrow is Savannah’s 9th birthday. She is excited and been planning all sorts of stuff for her Birthday. This weekend, I allowed her to plan the menu for Sunday to count for her Birthday dinner. Boy, she went to town and planned a 5 course dinner. For an appetizer, she had me make her Scampi […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I always knew we were screwed up here in Mr Papa’s World. Just look at the activities around the homestead today… Suzanne made a trip to Home Depot this morning to get some hardware supplies for the decorating project in Savannah’s room. She wanted her room redone as her Birthday present. Meanwhile, Mr Papa was […]

Perfect Prime Rib

Since I posted my Christmas Menu, I had gotten a few requests for my Prime Rib recipe. Its an old family recipe that quite honestly isnt anything special, except that it turns out perfect Prime Rib every time. The first thing I need you to do is trust me on this one. This is going […]

Christmas Menu

Its that time of year again – Christmas.  That means time to cook up some good meals.  Being on NutriSystem, I dont get to cook that often anymore, but gonna do it for the holidays. Its been a while since I have posted anything about NutriSystem.  Thats because of work travel, the Mexico Cruise and […]

Weekend Musings and NutriSystem Update

Wow! What a busy weekend. It was even a three day weekend for me as it was my Friday off week. Some of the activities though were self-inflicted. I put myself in a hole sleepwise early as I stayed up until 3:30 AM on Thursday night playing America’ Army. That game can be quite addictive […]

Going to Try New Diet

Suzanne has convinced me to try a new diet. I have never been one to fare well with diets that limit have you eat specific foods at certain times or severely limit your caloric intake. Unfortunately, I have been overweight most of my life. About two years ago, I lost about 50 pounds when I […]

Nice Dinner Party

Wow, what a nice dinner party last night! We had some folks over to review recent big vacations. The food was quite good and got rave reviews. My favorite was the Peperone e Formaggi (stuffed orange bell peppers). They were outstanding. The Raspberry Sauce I made for the Center Cut Pork Roast was a great […]

Fun Day in the Kitchen Cooking

Today should be a fun day. Most of it will be spent in the kitchen cooking. We are entertaining some friends this evening and I get to do the cooking. Hooah! The little get together is planned as a vacation trip review. Everyone is bringing photos of their recent big vacations. We will be showing […]