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Not So Fun Day Off

As today is my Friday off (I get every other Friday off), I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day working off my to do list. I had lots of catch up work to do on the four computers scattered around the house. Suzanne was going to get on the riding mower and cut […]

New Website in Development

I guess I shouldnt have been so quick to talk about my “free time” and looking for some projects to work on. Suzanne got wind of it and decided that I should spend that energy on developing a new website for her. Sounds like a win – win situation to me. For a while now, […]

Texas Hold Em Poker for Xbox 360

Finally, the day is approaching! Next Wednesday, the 23rd of August, Texas Hold Em Poker for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade will launch! In addition, Microsoft has announced on that for the first 48 hours it is available, the Texas Hold Em Poker game will be free. After that, the game […]

NutriSystem Diet Week 1

Well, the first week of the NutriSystem diet is over and the results are pretty encouraging. After the first week of this new diet, I have lost 8 lbs. I have a little trouble with that number because I had my doubts about the starting point last week. It seems that the last week of […]

Xbox Live Arcade Games

Microsoft recently completed it’s Summer Promotion of Arcade Wednesday. For five weeks this Summer they released a new Xbox Live Arcade game on Wednesdays. The promotion was a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade. I happened to download four of the five and thought I would give my impressions of them. Frogger This was the […]

Comcast – Bad ISP

I sure am having struggles with Comcast of late. They are not my ISP, but I have maybe half a dozen contacts, including family, that do use the Comcast internet service. Over the period of the last six months they have intermittently blocked me from sending email to Comcast subscribers thinking I am a spammer. […]

Website Development Work

I havent had much time to really do a post lately. I have been very busy on some of my website and php projects. Everyone thinks its strange that a 42 year old Senior Manager comes home from work and codes until he is ready to fall asleep, which is usually pretty late. I probably […]

NutriSystem Diet Day 1 – Dinner

Okay, last post for a while on the new NutriSystem diet 🙂 Dinner tonight was Pasta Fagiola with some snow peas on the side. I got to have a side salad and a whole wheat roll too. So, once again, a pretty fair amount of food. I didnt leave the table hungry and felt satisfied. […]

NutriSystem Diet Day 1 – Lunch

Just a quick update, but lunch was pretty good. Seems to have been enough food too. Lunch started with a prepackaged Chicken Stew with Barley. It was quite tastey. I do want to bring a few spices here to work so I can add some if desired. To the stew, I was able to add […]

NutriSystem Diet Day 1

Today is day one of my new NutriSystem diet that Suzanne has decided her and I are going to do. I wont post about it every day but wanted to run down how I fared on the diet for the first day. Today, breakfast was actually more food than I normally eat in the morning. […]