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Where’s Mr Papa?

Sorry for the dearth of posts here lately.  I am really tied up at work the last couple of weeks working some 12 hour days getting ready for a big review on Thursday of this week. I also received my new compute yesterday, so what little time I have at night is devoted to getting […]

Balcony Cabin Confirmed on the Mercury Cruise to Alaska

We got a call from our travel agent today regarding our Family Ocean View room on the Celebrity Mercury for our upcoming� cruise to Alaska in June. Lori Cunningham of Sky Scraper Tours called this afternoon to let us know that our room would be upgraded in the upcoming Mercury dry dock refurbishment to a […]

Net Hopping

I am going to try to do something occasionally here at Mr Papa’s World.  I will call it Net Hopping.  I read a lot of interesting articles/post from around the internet thanks to the wonders of RSS feed readers.  I am going to start posting an occasional blog with links to some of the more […]

Spam Attacks

Mr Papa’s World is constantly under attack from spammers.  Luckily, I have some pretty good tools in place to stop these idiots.  I thought I would pass along some statistics from spam attacks and how effective my tools (I didn’t write them) have been at stopping them. I run Akismet which attempts to stop comment […]

Technology Update

Today, my new internet service was installed and I couldn’t be happier.  I said that a year ago when the old internet service was turned on, but things get better with time.  After todays install, I am able to get a solid 1 – 1.5M download and 700k upload.  The best part is that no […]

Winter Wonderland

This time, we actually did get some of the predicted snow.  We received about 4 inches of snow here in Sonoita, AZ.  It really looked quite beautiful this morning. The accumulation of snow was enough that the kids school was canceled today.  I slept in a bit this morning, not wanting to make the trek […]

Here We Go Again…

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon of football here in Sonoita.  After all, it’s Conference Championship Sunday!!!  And the snow is falling again in Sonoita. The weather service is again issued a heavy snow warning for us even though we usually dont get any when they do that.  We are kind of on the cut line […]

Family Boardgame Night

Tonight was another family boardgaming night here at Mr Papa’s World. We had some serious fun playing Apples to Apples tonight. If you have never played this game, its great for a night of good, clean family fun. The game of Apples to Apples is played with two decks of specialized cards. Both the red […]

Spoke Too Soon and More Ramblings

As the old saying goes, I have spoken too soon.  A winter storm has moved into the area and heavy snow is predicted for the night.  They are saying 3 to 8 inches for us here in Sonoita.  I will believe it when I see it, but the snow has begun to fall.  If we […]

Around Mr Papa’s World

Recently, several of my friends in other states had commented that they wondered where the Winter was. They live in states that this time of year are pretty cold and snowbound. I think the winter must have moved here to Sonoita, AZ. We have been having a pretty strong cold front lately. Morning temperatures have […]