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New Theater System

As mentioned in a previous post, I have replaced most of the components in my home theater system. I had set up the current system about 4 years ago when we moved into our current house in Arizona. HDTV was still relatively new and some wanted features weren’t available then. Some of these features were […]

Family Update 7/28/07

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately, I seem to have picked up a nasty cold while in Anaheim for the Showstopper National Dance Competition. Actually, the whole family got minor colds except for me who got the doozy. We are talking serious chest and head congestion with a running nose and wicked cough. Yesterday, […]

The Showstoppers Trip

A couple of days ago, Suzanne posted the results of her and the kids Showstopper Dance Competition. Today, I thought I would detail out the overall Showstopper trip a bit more. The drive from our home to Anaheim and our hotel wasn’t too bad until we hit the Riverside area in California. Road construction completely […]

Showstoppers Results

The whole family had a great time at the Showstopper National Finals dance competition in Anaheim last week. Results are as follows: Sean and Savannah: Last Night Remix Teen Hip-Hop large group, Silver Award El Jarabe Tapatio, Junior Folkloric Duet, Gold First Place El Gavilancillo, Junior Folkloric (Mexican) Small Group, Gold First Place Savannah: Mati, […]

Showstopper Web Cast Schedule

Next week is Showstopper National Dance Competition for Suzanne and the kids. The whole family will be making the trek this year. Once again, Showstopper is doing live webcast of the dance competition this year. So, get your PC ready and tune in to watch us! Dance times are approximate. We could be moved ahead […]

Family Update

Just a quick family update as I haven’t posted in a few days due to getting slammed at work and in preparation for our upcoming trip to Anaheim… It seems that Suzanne managed to lose our digital camera while attending her Grandmother’s funeral last week. She is not even sure where she lost it, but […]

Die Hard Marathon

This past weekend was another nice weekend watching older movies. With the current release of Die Hard 4, I had an urge to watch the first three movies in the series. Also, Sean hadn’t seen any of them and he was definitely interested in seeing the fourth one, so I figured it was time to […]

Boardgames on the Xbox 360

As my loyal readers (gotta be at least 8 of ya) know, we are pretty avid boardgamers. The family loves sitting down on the weekend and spending hours playing boardgames. Actually, the kids would love to play even more. Our game closet at home must have 50 different boardgames in it. Lately, the boardgame industry […]

Death In The Family

We received some sad news yesterday, Suzanne’s 92 year old Grandmother, Mama Frances died. Her Uncle Lennie and his wife Jean were there. Lennie, who is a doctor, thinks it was a pulmonary embolism or a heart attack. But, when you are 92 years old it is really just old age and all the related […]

Hot Times Ahead

It looks to be a very, very hot Fourth of July Week here for us in the Southwestern Deserts. The National Weather Service has issued this heat warning for our area: HEAT ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM MST WEDNESDAY… THE HEAT ADVISORY IS NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM MST WEDNESDAY. THE STRONG […]