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New Poll At Mr Papa’s World

I always find it interesting to look at my traffic logs here at Mr Papa’s World and wonder where folks come from when visiting and how often they visit. So, I thought I would throw up a quick poll and see how often folks visit Mr Papa’s World. I suspect most folks come here via […]

Thanksgiving Activities

Whew, its been a busy couple of weeks here at Mr Papa’s World. Sorry for the lack of recent posts, but luckily I have been able to get a few quick thoughts. If you hadn’t noticed, I post a my quick thoughts at the top of the light blue sidebar here at Mr Papa’s World. […]

Thanksgiving Day Menu

Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Soon, the kitchen shall be bustling as I prepare a wonderful day of food. Suzanne’s parents will be here for Thanksgiving this year, so I have to show out a bit. Below are my creations for this Thanksgiving Day celebration. For Lunch, while watching the Lions (come on […]

Spam and More Spam

Wow, the spammers never let up. After cleaning out my spam this evening, I was presented with the following message Caught Spam Akismet has caught 38,644 spam for you since you first installed it. You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. ๐Ÿ™‚ . That’s almost 40,000 spam attacks stopped […]

Thanksgiving Visitors

It feels really odd for us to have Thanksgiving approaching and for us to not be prepping for a cruise. Over the last four Thanksgiving holidays, we have been on a cruise for three of them, including the last two. It has almost become a tradition for our family. Since we did an Alaska cruise […]

At The Lions Game

As detailed before, we spent Sunday and Monday this week in Phoenix. Sean and I attended the Detroit Lions vs the Arizona Cardinals NFL game on Sunday afternoon. Suzanne and Savannah went along to have some girl time out and then some family time at the end of the day and Monday. Unfortunately, the Lions […]

Off To See The Lions

Well, I went ahead and did it last night. I ordered tickets to the Detroit Lions against the Arizona Cardinals game this upcoming weekend. I got tickets for Sean and I to go to the game. He is really excited as it will be his first NFL football game. Being an avid Lions fan my […]

Detroit Lions Putting It All Together

I am feeling a bit giddy today. Thus far, this has been a tremendous season for the Detroit Lions. With yesterdays 44 – 7 blowout of the Denver Broncos, they improved their season mark to 6 – 2. One of the best things about their emergence this year is the complete surprise they have caught […]

Savannah’s Cheerleading Squad Takes 2nd

In a VERY long day, Savannah’s cheerleading squad earned a second place in the regional cheerleading competition. Her squad competed in the normal category. There was also an elite category where more stunts, tricks and stuff are done. Unfortunately, this whole event seemed extremely disorganized and haphazard. It was very frustrating for Sean and I […]

Cheerleading Competition Tomorrow

Sean’s football season is over. I missed the last game of the year being in Germany. They lost the game. Actually, somewhat late in the game and losing, the referees called the game because our kids were hitting the other kids too hard. Boy, I would have liked to see that and understand what the […]