Family Update – 8/4/07

Monsoon season is in full swing here in Arizona. Afternoon downpours have been rolling in like clockwork. We have had a couple of gully washers that dropped 2 or 3 inches of rain each on us. The area sure is getting green. For us here, it’s been very, very humid. It actually reached 45% the […]

Another Football Season Ends

Yesterday, another football season for the kids game to an end as it was the last game of the season.  Again this year, Sean’s team went winless for the season.  They lost yesterday 26 – 14. Sean was again a terror on defense from his middle linebacker position with several tackles for a loss.  Also, […]

The Day After the Elections

Today is the day after the elections and boy am I glad its over. I was so tired of the relentless and pointless ads that have been running on the radio, TV and even in phone calls. Does anyone ever make up their mind based on political ads? I cant imagine doing so, but guess […]

Cheerleading Competition

Today was the County cheerleading competition for Savannah’s cheer team.  The girls are the cheerleaders for Sean’s football team.  Suzanne is the cheer coach. Last year, the girls won the competition.  This year, however, was going to be tougher as several of the older girls on the team moved up in age group and for […]

Close But No Cigar

Sean’s football team came close today, but they still went down to defeat. The final score was 14 – 13. This leaves Sean’s team winless for the year. The difference in the game was an extra point. At this age, teams get 2 points for a passing conversion and 1 point for a run conversion. […]

Off To Apple Annie’s

Tomorrow will be a busy and long, but fun day. We will start the day with another one of Sean’s football games with Savannah cheerleading. The game tomorrow is in Benson, AZ which is about 30 – 45 minutes from Sonoita. The boys are still winless this year, but maybe they can pull one out […]

Football + Arizona + September = Hot

Wow, what a day for football today. There wasnt a cloud in the sky and the temperatures rose above 90 degrees. That’s not the norm for Arizona in September, but its not that outlandish either. Being as we are in the mountains, it must have been pushing 100 in Tucson. Sean had another football game […]

A Football Loss and Some Pictures

Sean’s football team had another game this weekend. They again went down to defeat by a score of 20-6. That makes them 0 – 2 on the year. I think its going to be a very long, winless year like last year. Sean gets a bit frustrated about his football team always losing, but I […]

Football Season – Hooah!

The football season is underway! College ball started a week or two ago. Last night, the NFL season kicked off with Pittsburgh dusting off Miami 28 – 17. Tomorrow, Sean opens up his football season. Man, is he excited. Football is his true passion. Not only does he absolutely love to play the game, he […]

Football and Cheerleading Update

The kids are a couple of weeks into the new football and cheerleading season. Sean is again playing in the Mighty Mite division of youth football. The age group for that division is 8 – 10. The team is practicing 3 nights a week and occasionally throws in an odd day here and there. Savannah […]