Winter Wonderland

This time, we actually did get some of the predicted snow.  We received about 4 inches of snow here in Sonoita, AZ.  It really looked quite beautiful this morning. The accumulation of snow was enough that the kids school was canceled today.  I slept in a bit this morning, not wanting to make the trek […]

Here We Go Again…

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon of football here in Sonoita.  After all, it’s Conference Championship Sunday!!!  And the snow is falling again in Sonoita. The weather service is again issued a heavy snow warning for us even though we usually dont get any when they do that.  We are kind of on the cut line […]

Around Mr Papa’s World

Recently, several of my friends in other states had commented that they wondered where the Winter was. They live in states that this time of year are pretty cold and snowbound. I think the winter must have moved here to Sonoita, AZ. We have been having a pretty strong cold front lately. Morning temperatures have […]

Family Update

Just a quick update on Mr Papa and his family… Savannah continues to be sick. On the way home from our Cloudcroft, NM trip, she threw up in the car about half an hour before we got home. She had told us the evening before that she felt like she was coming down with something. […]

Sonoita Web Launches

After some holiday fine tuning, I am finally ready to launch my new community web site, Sonoita Web.  This site was developed as a community website for my rural community of Sonoita, AZ. Whether or not anyone in Sonoita actually uses it, is to be seen.  However, already today, there have been a bunch of […]

Sonoita Fire Update

The fire is fully contained now and pretty much put out. Crews were out all night fighting it and putting out hotspots. This morning as we went to church, which we hold in the fire stations until our church is built, more crews were heading to make sure the fire was completely out. As of […]

Sonoita Fire Threatens Mr Papa’s World

Our little community of Sonoita had some excitement today. A brush fire near one of the main highways through town (Hwy 82) started this morning. It appears someone in a car threw a cigarette out the window that started the fire. With 30 mph winds swirling today, the fire spread very rapidly. Before long, it […]

Sonoita Singer Listening Center

For any of you who have checked out Suzanne’s Sonoita Singer blog site, just passing along that we have uploaded the first mp3’s of her singing to the Listening Center there. If you head on over there, you can check out her singing a few songs from one of her shows. Those were the first […]

Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo Weekend

This weekend is the annual Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo. I think its the 91st annual rodeo this year. Its a long and storied rodeo and has long been a part of rural Sonoita. The rodeo began yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and runs through Labor Day Monday. The rodeo features most events for the men and women. […]

Fun Day in the Kitchen Cooking

Today should be a fun day. Most of it will be spent in the kitchen cooking. We are entertaining some friends this evening and I get to do the cooking. Hooah! The little get together is planned as a vacation trip review. Everyone is bringing photos of their recent big vacations. We will be showing […]