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Its baseball season again for Sean. His team opened up their season today. After seeing some practices over the past few weeks, I must admit, I wasnt expecting much. Sean is again playing catcher and got the starting call today. When it was all over, the Sonoita boys were victorious 12-9. As usual for his […]

Family Reunions

Surprise Surprise! We received a call this weekend from my Mother stating that she wanted to get the whole family together here in Arizona this summer in a family reunion type atmosphere. Sweet! We had all gotten together last summer in Gulf Shores, AL and it was fantastic. The kids just loved hooking up with […]

Xbox Live Gamercards

For those other Xbox 360 (or original version) gaming afficionados out there, I have added our Xbox Live Gamercards to the site. You can see them in the right sidebar. Unfortunately, I better get busy as Sean as almost 3x the number of gamer points as I do – argh! His currently doesnt list any […]

Xbox Live and Cards

Since receiving my Xbox 360 last December, Sean and I have enjoyed many gaming sessions on it – many lasting into the wee morning hours of Saturdays or Sundays. Since we finally got real broadband (I dont count satellite) here in the mountains of AZ in February, we have been able to enjoy Xbox Live […]

Texas Hold Em Poker Craze

Well, its official now, the Texas Hold-Em Poker craze is in full swing. For the most part, I have not yet been caught up in this recent craze. However, I have found out that my Mother has. She plays on a weekly basis. It’s small stakes type stuff, not sure if it even costs her […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Not a whole lot of activity planned for Mr Papa and family as most of our family lives a long distance away. Just a nice relaxing day taking in a movie, playing some boardgames and a nice feast. I am preparing a Prime Rib for dinner this evening with that mystical, never-fail recipe. […]

Random Thoughts

Wow, havent had a chance to blog in a while. Been tied up with work – major review coming up in two weeks. Also, been extremely busy making some significant upgrades to the 158th AA Clan website. Its a lot of fun but getting bed at 12 or 1 AM needs to change a bit. […]

Interesting Weekend

Well, it was another interesting weekend here in the mountains of Arizona not too far from the Mexican border. Some more illegal aliens paid us a visit this weekend. Sean and I were out playing basketball when the dog started barking wildly. We looked over and standing near one of our fences was a young […]

New Holland America Master Chef’s Dinner

As an avid cruiser, I found the Holland America Cruise Line recent press release about their new Signature Master Chef’s Dinner interesting. We tend to favor Celebrity Cruises when we cruise and one of the reasons is the cuisine. I havent found another cruise line’s that compares to Celebrity’s. Being an avid cook myself, this […]

To Flash or Not To Flash

I have been playing with ideas on improving the website I run for my America’s Army clan (158th Regimental Combat Team). It’s a simple php-nuke site, but there is getting to be so much data, especially in the blocks, that I want to clean it up and present the data nicer. One significant option is […]