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National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 3 Suzanne

Suzanne has just completed her last dance entry at the Showstoppers National Finals in Anaheim, CA. Today she did her song and dance routine to “All that Jazz”. She really nailed her performance and scored a Platinum 1st Place winning the Senior (15 and over) Solo Song and Dance category with a score of 112.4. […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 2 Savannah

Day 2 is in the books for Savannah at the Showstoppers West Coast National Finals Dance competition. She only had one dance today and will spend the rest of the day at workshops. Her dance today was in the Junior Large Group Recreational class. The dance was in the Lyrical/Modern category. Savannah’s team performed “Masquerade” […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Suzanne

Suzanne completed her first day of dance competition late last night. Her one dance for the day was in the Senior Small Group Competitive in the Folkloric category. Yes, she was in the competitive class and not the recreational. I think this was because this group of dancers originally were in the teachers class due […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 1 Savannah

Savannah has completed her dance competitions for the day at the National Showstoppers West Coast Dance Finals. She had two routines today. I was able to watch them via the live webcast. Savannah’s two dances today were in the Mini Small Group Recreational competition. The first one was the Mini Small Group Recreational Character category […]

Ping Pong

Suzanne and Savannah left for the Showstoppers dance finals today, so it was just Sean and I. We had been looking forward to a bit of father / son time especially some extended gaming sessions on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the replacement unit hasnt arrived yet, so we are out of luck. We must have […]

Showstoppers National Finals Webcast

Tomorrow, Suzanne and Savannah head off to Anaheim, CA for the Showstopper West Coast National Finals. They earne the right to compete there by their performances in the regional competition in Phoenix, AZ last spring. This means Sean and I get some guy time alone. Now we just need to figure out what we are […]

Mercedes Benz Concept Car

I was surfing the net the other day looking for what the new Mercedes Benz concept cars might look like. I found a bunch of concept cars that looked “typical”, but one caught my eye. Now, I havent found anything from Mercedes Benz on this car, so I dont know how real it is, but […]

Suzanne’s Cruise Talk Blog

If you havent yet checked out Suzanne’s Cruise Talk Central site about cruising, now might be a good time. She has just posted a review and photos of her 2nd cruise on the World Renaissance way back in 1978. The photos themselves are a good laugh just to remember back to the old days. Of […]

More Family Reunion Pictures

I have now uploaded some of the Grand Canyon pictures from the recent family reunion. The Grand Canyon is absolutely stunning and pictures just dont do it justice.This was our (Suzanne and I) second trip to the Canyon but the first for Sean and Savannah, and our guests. There is no doubt will be back […]

Family Reunion Pictures

I have finally gotten around to uploading some photos from the recent family reunion. In particular, I have uploaded images from our visit to Montezuma’s Castle near Phoenix, AZ. These were some pretty interesting Anasazi Indian ruins and actually have no relation to the historic Aztec ruler Montezuma though the dwellings got their name incorrectly […]