Archives for July 2006

Xbox 360 Texas Hold Em Dated

Finally, a release date has been announced for the Xbox 360 game Texas Hold Em Poker. The game will be available on Aug 23rd via Xbox Live in the Arcade games. Originally, the game was supposed to be available in April and then in May. I think this date will be pretty close as I […]

Showstoppers National Finals Approaching

Next week, Suzanne and Savannah head off to Anaheim, CA for the Showstoppers Dance Competition National Finals. You may remember that they qualified for the National Finals last Spring based on their results in the regional competition in Phoenix. Unlike the competition in Phoenix, Sean and I will not be going to this competition. Instead, […]

Xbox 360 Sent Off

If you remember, my Xbox 360 died last week perhaps caused by a lightning strike, but not sure. Anyways, yesterday the return box from Microsoft was received. We made the UPS guy wait around while we loaded the broken unit into the box and sealed it up. The UPS guy then took it with him. […]

Uneventful Trip

Well, I am back from my short little business trip. It was pretty uneventful which is good for these things. The hard part is getting there and back as each way takes one day. Its hard to argue with a trip that includes the wonderful gulf coast beaches of Ft Walton Beach. As usual, I […]

Sunday Activities

I was hoping to relax this Sunday and close out the vacation. But alas, it wont happen. This was my first vacation of the year and most of it was spent on the family reunion. It was a very pleasant vacation and time away from work. After all of the expenditures over the last couple […]

Expensive Day at the Store

I need to remember to never go shopping when I am tired. After ending the family reunion by getting everyone to the airport, we headed off to Sierra Vista to get a few things. The intention was for Sean to trade in some old Xbox games and get the new Lord of the Rings: Battle […]

Family Reunion Comes To A Conclusion

This morning, we took the family to the airport for their trips home. The family reunion here in Sonoita, AZ has come to a conclusion. But, yesterday was a fun day. I started the day by making Eggs Benedict for everyone. I think we devoured 24 eggs. It was a fun challenge to make a […]

Xbox 360 Dead

Not a good good day for gamers here yesterday as the Xbox 360 failed. I stayed up lat on Wednesday night playing and everything was fine when I headed off to bed. When we powered up the Xbox 360 system on Thursday morning it froze in a checkerboard pattern after playing for a few minutes. […]

Nice Relaxing Day

Yesterday, the family had a nice, relaxing day. We had some poker and ping pong tournaments, and played a bunch of xbox 360 games with Tiger Woods Golf being the favorite. I have yet to win one of the poker tournaments but more to come. We also went to The Cove in Sierra Vista and […]

Fun Fourth for the Family Reunion

Yesterday was a nice day. With the family in town for the family reunion, we headed off for the Fourth of July parade and festivities in Patagonia, AZ. I wasnt sure how the family would react to a local, small town parade and celebration, but a good time was had by all. This was probably […]