Archives for July 2006

Nice Dinner Party

Wow, what a nice dinner party last night! We had some folks over to review recent big vacations. The food was quite good and got rave reviews. My favorite was the Peperone e Formaggi (stuffed orange bell peppers). They were outstanding. The Raspberry Sauce I made for the Center Cut Pork Roast was a great […]

Fun Day in the Kitchen Cooking

Today should be a fun day. Most of it will be spent in the kitchen cooking. We are entertaining some friends this evening and I get to do the cooking. Hooah! The little get together is planned as a vacation trip review. Everyone is bringing photos of their recent big vacations. We will be showing […]

Cruise Talk Central Adds Forums

You may remember that we recently relaunched Cruise Talk Central as a blogging site for Suzanne to chat about cruising. The site is also a good site for the latest news from the cruising industry. We have now added an initial set of forums for talking about cruising. Depending on how much activity those forums […]

Computer Issue Resolved

Suzanne was in Sierra Vista last night, so I had her pick me up a new NIC to see if that was indeed the issue with my PC and it’s inability to connect to the internet. When she got home last night, I popped it into the computer and fired it up. Sure enough, connection […]

Xbox Live Arcade and My PC

Tonight has not quite gone the way I had planned. First, I planned to get in a quick couple rounds of America’s Army with my 158th clan mates. Then, I was going to play some Xbox 360 – in particular some of the new Xbox Live Arcade titles that are available. However, when I got […]

Compare Your Face To Celebrities

Ran across a neat little application the other day on the internet. A genealogy site has an online face recognition application that then compares your face to a celebrity database. It then tells you which celebrities that you most look like. It’s a fun little application. The site is: My Heritage Face Recognition You will […]

Pictures From Showstoppers National Dance Finals

I have uploaded some photos from Suzanne and Savannah’s trip last week to Anaheim, CA for the Showstoppers West Coast National Dance Finals. Suzanne didn’t get any photos from the actual competition due to theater lighting and flash distraction to the dancers. These shots do a good job at showcasing the wonderful costumes these dancers […]

New Xbox 360 Arrives

Finally, the new (refurbished) Xbox 360 has arrived. It actually didnt take all that long to arrive, but Sean and I were really hoping to have it last week for our time alone at home while the girls were at the Showstoppers National Dance Finals. If you remember, mine died a couple weeks back and […]

Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Site Update

I have upated and cleaned up the Klasen Family History on my genealogy pages. I am not sure I really updated a whole lot of information, but I upgraded the genealogy software to a newer version which presents a bit more information and its easier to navigate. Some incorrect info was removed and a few […]

National Showstoppers Dance Finals – Day 3 Savannah

The 2006 National Showstoppers Dance Final is in the books for Suzanne and Savannah. Savannah completed her last dance this morning. Today, she was entered in the Mini Soloclass in the Song and Dance category. She performed “Knock on Wood”. Her performance earned her a Gold 1st Place with a score of 105.8. She was […]