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Visit To The Eye Doctor

Today, I went to see my eye doctor for a my roughly annual eye checkup. I do actually see an ophthalmologist due to occasional eye problems related to an arthritic condition. Luckily, the arthritic condition doesn’t really impact me, but the eye does when it flares up, which seems to be about every two years. […]

Wide Loads

I had an interesting drive in to work today. I had five wide loads go by me. Living out in the country that’s a lot of wide loads. I have always found it interesting too how the they route the wide loads through our winding, mountain pass road. Actually, they don’t really have much choice. […]

A Day Early Memorial Day Activities

We celebrated Memorial Day a day early today. Having to go back to work and school on Tuesday, it made more sense to have the festivities today, instead of tomorrow. Being Sunday, we started the day with Mass at the fire station. We are getting close to building our own church. We have some the […]

Cruise Videos

With the recent relaunch of Cruise Talk Central and its completely redone layout and look, I have added in the capability for us to upload our cruise videos to that site. To save on space, I have decided to only host our cruise videos over at Cruise Talk Central. This is a bit different from […]

Site Upgrades

Last night, I updated the base WordPress version that this blog runs on. I also updated many of the plugins, including the photo gallery, that I also run on this site. Hopefully, this won’t even be noticeable to my readers. One thing you will notice is the shoutbox is missing. This is due to it […]

School Year Winding Down

The school year for the kids is winding down. As usual, as the year ends, there seems to be a never ending stream of events at the school. Last week was weird week for the kids. One day they dressed up as mismatched as they could. They looked pretty ridiculous, but I imagine they fit […]

Cruise Talk Central Redesign

My internet connection got stable enough for me to launch the redesigned Cruise Talk Central today. My speed still sucks, but at least it held long enough for me to do the upgrade. I redesigned the site to allow for easier navigation, more straight forward grouping of information and to give Suzanne a place to […]

New Fire Near Us

Earlier this week another wildfire broke out near us. This one is known as the San Antonio Fire. It’s located in the San San Rafael Valley near San Antonio Canyon. That’s a region just North of the Mexican border. It’s probably 15 – 20 miles from us in Sonoita. As of mid-week, the fire had […]

Spam and More Spam

Wow, just noticed how many spam comments that the Akismet plugin I run here at Mr Papa’s World has stopped from ever reaching site. The spam comment count is now over 30,000 spams since I installed Akismet. I wish I could remember when I installed it, but I don’t. I may have to research a […]

Sean’s Baseball Team Still Undefeated

Yesterday, Sean’s baseball team extended their undefeated season winning their game by a score of 13 – 0 and moving their record to 8 – 0. They continue to dominate every team in the league. Thus far, their closest game was 8 runs. Sean has been catching the whole game, as his coach, like me, […]