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Family Resemblence

We found this picture of Suzanne at age 9 in an old album and couldn’t believe how much it looks like Savannah. We thought that Savannah looked like Grammy, but now we think she looks just like her mother if you compare these two pictures. 5392 5395

Suzanne Thinking New Car, Again

Actually, it’s not as bad as the title might lead you to believe. She is thinking about doing this for a good reason. Normally, its me that wants the new car. ๐Ÿ˜‰ About 18 months ago, we both bought ourselves new cars. I got a very nice Mercedes Benz E350 and she got a nice […]

A Step Backwards

Today was not a good day for Sean’s football team. They seem to seriously regress back to the old days and played terrible. Everyone on the team, including Sean, had a bad day. The final score of the game was 33 – 7. On defense, we couldn’t stop anything. If it wasn’t for a couple […]

DirecTV Finally Adds Many HD Channels

Finally, DirecTV has come through with their promise of many HD channels. They recently brought on line many additional HD channels since launching a couple of new satellites. We are now able to get around 75 HD channels on our satellite. TV viewing life is quite sweet now. Ever since getting an HDTV about four […]

Busy Days Ahead

Just when one seems to be relaxing into the lovely fall weather here in Arizona, bang, we go and get busy. Sean and Savannah have only two more weeks left in the regular season of football, but this occupies a significant portion of our Saturdays and three evenings a week for Suzanne and the kids. […]

Welcome To The New Mr Papa’s World Design

Yes, you are at the right place. This is Mr Papa’s World. The look is just different. Recently, I have tired of the look here at Mr Papa’s World. The Almost Spring theme had been in use here since June 2006. Today, I am happy to introduce the Papa Blues theme here at Mr Papa’s […]

Win Streak Comes To An End

Well, Sean’s football win streak came to an end today – in a big way. I mentioned in a previous post that the Bisbee kids were supposed to be big. Well, they didn’t disappoint. They were literally huge compared to our kids. Sean’s team actually ended up forfeiting the game at half time when they […]

Sean Completes 10K Fund Raiser

Today, Sean and his 6th grade class completed their 10K fund raiser walk. The kids walked 10K from their school down to one of the local vineyards and then back. Each way was 5K. The entire class was able to complete the walk. The fund raiser was and early start on a fund raiser for […]

Family Karoake Night

This is a few days late, but work hours have been poor the last couple of weeks trying to get out a project. This weekend, we had another session of family karoake night. It’s not one of my favorites as I don’t sing, but the kids and Suzanne love it. Actually, they call it Papa’s […]

Don’t Look Now, But It’s A Win Streak

How ’bout them Yellow Jackets? One week after there startling first victory in over three weeks last year, they won’t out against Sierra Vista today and just walloped them. The final score in the game was Yellow Jackets 31 and the Eagles 6. The game was even more lopsided than the score. The kids continue […]