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Site Issues

If you tried to visit Mr Papa’s World for most of today, you probably noticed that you couldnt actually get here. My host was having some hardware issues and it took some time to get resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. I had also hoped to post a digest of our recent trip to New Mexico, […]

Perfect Prime Rib

Since I posted my Christmas Menu, I had gotten a few requests for my Prime Rib recipe. Its an old family recipe that quite honestly isnt anything special, except that it turns out perfect Prime Rib every time. The first thing I need you to do is trust me on this one. This is going […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All! Thus far, it has been a wonderful Christmas for the Klasens, albeit an early one.  We have this little family tradition where the kids cant see the Christmas tree in the morning until Mr Papa goes out and checks to see if Santa managed to find our house this year.  Since […]

The Genealogy Updates Continue

With this wonderful vacation I am on, I have been able to find time each day to work on the genealogy research. Today, I have uploaded another update to Mr Papa’s World Genealogy. This update includes primarily new information on Suzanne’s side of the family. Once again, the new information is largely due to the […]

Christmas Menu

Its that time of year again – Christmas.  That means time to cook up some good meals.  Being on NutriSystem, I dont get to cook that often anymore, but gonna do it for the holidays. Its been a while since I have posted anything about NutriSystem.  Thats because of work travel, the Mexico Cruise and […]


This vacation sure has been nice – didnt I say that before?  Anyways, it would have been a bit nicer if the kids were off of school this week, but they dont get off until tomorrow.  Usually, we get a couple of weeks off together at the end of the year.  They actually get the […]

Trip to Cloudcroft, NM

I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts about our upcoming trip to Cloudcroft, NM. We will be staying in a cabin up in the mountains there for about four days between Christmas and New Years. I actually prefer to be home at that time, but this should be fun as we will be […]

Sonoita Fire Update

The fire is fully contained now and pretty much put out. Crews were out all night fighting it and putting out hotspots. This morning as we went to church, which we hold in the fire stations until our church is built, more crews were heading to make sure the fire was completely out. As of […]

Sonoita Fire Threatens Mr Papa’s World

Our little community of Sonoita had some excitement today. A brush fire near one of the main highways through town (Hwy 82) started this morning. It appears someone in a car threw a cigarette out the window that started the fire. With 30 mph winds swirling today, the fire spread very rapidly. Before long, it […]

Website Enhancements

Just a quick note to let you know about some Mr Papa’s World website enhancements that have been added over the past few weeks. You will notice the obtrusive social bookmarks with its multitude of icons is gone. While social bookmarking is still en vogue, the messy icons are not, so I have added a […]