Archives for December 2006

Xmas Dance Recital

Tonight was the Christmas Dance Recital for Suzanne and the kids. Savannah was in about 6 dances and Sean was in about 5 dances. Suzanne only had one dance tonight. The dance recital was again held at the Buena Performing Arts Center in Sierra Vista, AZ. This is where they are usually held. Tonight, it […]

McDonald Surname Upate to Genealogy

Today, I have uploaded another update to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy research. The main focus of this update was to the surname McDonald. Suzanne’s Mother, Anne Pechuls, maiden name is McDonald. The majority of this new information comes from Anne herself who kindly responded to a request for some information on her family which […]

Christmas Gift

I finally figured out last night what I was getting for Christmas this year. I am difficult to buy for because I dont need much and I usually want some kind of gadget or toy. So, each Christmas, my Mother and my in-laws send me a check for Christmas to pick out something(s) that I […]

Enjoying Vacation

Ah what a feeling it was this morning to not head off to work and to get to sit in front of my computer all day and play around.  Wait!  Sit at my computer?  Thats what I do at work all day…  Oh well… Actually, it is quite different.  This is fun.  I have a […]

Genealogy Update

Okay, as promised, I have updated the genealogy pages here at Mr Papa’s World.  This was a big update for me, but really not a whole lot of new names in the tree. The update does include a few new inclusions (Wehage, Ossim, Kott, etc) based on a few minor finds and some info passed […]

Celebrity Mercury Mexico Cruise Photos Uploaded

I have uploaded a batch of photos from our recent cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury to Mexico. This was our first major event since the purchase of the new camera, so hopefully, they have come out nice and everyone can enjoy them. I think we ended up with something like 500 keeper photos. I […]

Genealogy Pics

While not the genealogy update that I am still planning on making this weekend, I have uploaded some old photos of some Kott family members. My mother is a Kott. I have put the images in the Mr Papa’s World Photo Gallery in a genealogy album. Eventually, I want to get them loaded into my […]

Hard At Work

Sorry for the lack of activity here at Mr Papa’s World the past few days. After the wonderful Thanksgiving Mexico cruise, I am hard at work trying to get some photos ready for upload. Suzanne is cleaning them up and I am readying them for upload. If all goes well, I should have them uploaded […]

Another Klasen Family History Update

Today, I have uploaded another update to my family tree. This update includes significant new data on the Klasen lineage itself. I was finally able to tie together my Grandfather to his Dad. This opened a bunch new branches to the tree.I have about a 90% confidence in the linkage, so I have made the […]

Day 12 – Cruise Ends

Our wonderful Mexico cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury has come to a conclusion. On Friday morning, at about 7:00 am, we docked back in San Diego. Being that we were driving home and didnt have a flight to catch, we had a late disembarkation time. We were able to enjoy a bit of breakfast […]