Archives for October 2006

Back From Germany

Well, I am back from Germany and my business trip. You may have noticed the lack of posting here. I went over there last Saturday for a conference that my company was hosting in Landshut, Germany. Landshut is about 40km North of Munich. During the trip, in fact on the first day, you may have […]

Sean and Savannah Grades

Today was parent teachers conferences at school for Sean and Savannah. These are usually pretty easy and good events for us as we are lucky and both kids excel at school. :thumbs_up: Today was no different, as they told us Sean once again made honor roll with a 96% (A) average grade for all his […]

Celebrity Cruise to Mexico

Looks like we have finally zeroed in on what excursions we are going to do on our upcoming cruise to Mexico this coming November on the Celebrity Mercury. On one hand, we did this same Celebrity Mercury Cruise itinerary three years ago, se we dont really want to the same things or even things that […]

Another NutriSystem Update

Well, another week down on NutriSystem. I think that makes eight. I know another shipment has arrived so my cupboard is once again stocked. Though, once again, some of my items could not be filled so they substituted something completely unrelated. In fact, they substitute stuff I dont normally order which baffles me. There is […]

Website Updates

If you are a frequent visitor to Mr Papa’s World, you may have noticed some of the recent enhancements to the website. I thought I would spend a couple of minutes and let everyone know about the recent improvements. Print this Post – I have added the capability for Mr Papa’s World readers to print […]

Whew – Long Day…

Wow, what a long day today was… We left the house at 8:45 this morning to get to Benson for the football game. It was another typical sunny, hot Arizona day for football and a visit to Apple Annies for some family fun. The football game went in typical fashion for Sean’s team. They lost […]

Off To Apple Annie’s

Tomorrow will be a busy and long, but fun day. We will start the day with another one of Sean’s football games with Savannah cheerleading. The game tomorrow is in Benson, AZ which is about 30 – 45 minutes from Sonoita. The boys are still winless this year, but maybe they can pull one out […]

Another Klasen Family Tree Update

Tonight, I have made another major update to the Klasen Family Tree. This was a pretty easy update to make, but it significantly increased the size of the tree once again. I concentrated on an area that I hadnt touched before – The Brunks. My sister Kelly is married to Timothy John Brunk and I […]

Treadmill Back Operational

Okay, the treadmill is back operation, though I am not sure for how long. Hopefully, for a long time to come. Suzanne finally had the proper amps, lubrication kit and new fan delivered yesterday. She was ambitious and did all the necessary work and tested it out. It seemed to be working fine. The proof, […]

Big Klasen Family Tree Update

I have finally gotten around to updating the Klasen Family Genealogy site with some of my recent research. When I get a bit of spare time, I have been finding little tidbits of information that I have been collecting. Recently, I also made a discovery of another family tree that had a pretty good tie […]